14 year Rose Leena has been beated since she was nine she thinks running awy would help but oh how she was wrong.


2. Austin

Rose's pov

   The girls ran past me towards a boy. They were holding posters and phones. Some had their faces painted, blue A and white M. Okay so this boy was famous. No biggie, just walk away and continue with your day. Forget that this even happened. Just walk away and ignore them. Ya that will work out right? Wrong.

"I love you too, thank you, I gotta go, I hope I see at the concert tomorrow, Bye!" A boy said.

" Hey you red! wait up" He said, I heard footsteps coming towards me. Yep I was wrong.Fuck My Life. Wait there might me another girl that was a red head so it might not be me! I'm soo smart!

"Hey red why are you so fast? it took me like a minute just to catch up with you" Theboy came to my side.Ya I'm pretty stupid huh?Well just saw you are trying to go home before you get grounded and have to be there in five  minutes. You don't know him so it would be ok right?

"I don't know you, and I have to get home in five minutes,bye" I avoided eye contact. I didn't even know what he looked like.

"Well how bout you give me your number and I can see you tomorrow so you can know me" He suggested.I stopped in my tracks and spun around to look at him.

"Listen I have to be home in three minutes and I don't even know your name, so drop it, bye" I walked back to my destination which was my motel.I walked a little faster than usual. I didn't know the kid so why talk to him ? 

"Hey red! stop!"I was grabbed by the waist stopping my legs.I turned around to see a pair of Greenish Hazel eyes. This boy was beautiful! Rose stop! Just leave and get him away from you!Be a bitter bitch!

"My name is not Red for your information"I said through my gritted teeth.The boy was studying my face trying to see threw me.

"I'm sorry,but I don't know your name and I just called you red because of your hair"He apolgized.

"It's okay , but call me Rose not red"I said still a little tense.

"I'm Austin"He introduced his name.Still studying my face looking into my eyes then down to my lips.

"Uhh could you let me go" I said awkwardly.He snapped back to Earth.

"Not until you tell me why you tried to escape from me" He protested.

"I don't like strangers following me and trying to be my friend"I explained.

"Well I'm not a stranger anymore now am I?" He teased.

"You got a pointed but I barely met you."I protested .

" Well if you met me at Starbucks tomorrow at  noon we can spend some time together."He suggested in a flirty way.

"Sure, but nothing to exotic ok"I agreed.

"Fine with me." He confirmed.

"Bye Austin"

"Bye Rose" He smiled at me.I walked away to my motel and flopped onto my bed.Ugh! why did I have to do that?I hate my self! Becky would be so mad at me! 

Becky is my best friend from California. We are penpals. She reccently was signed to be a singer/rapper. Becky is a Semi(Selena/Demi)love child. She sings like Selena and looks like her with some Demi put in. She's beautiful! I heard the new song she's apart of. It's called Oath. By Cher Lloyd and while Becky. Her name is Rebecca Marie Gomez,but she calls her self Becky G. Me and Becky have a great bond. She is the only person that cares for me. I have no one like her. Everyone looks at me like a piece of trash. I hate it. I just hope Austin is a good guy and a wonderful friend. I need someone to help me stay grounded.


Rose is played by Bella Thorne

Becky as herself look her up.

Austin is Austin Mahone (so himself)

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