14 year Rose Leena has been beated since she was nine she thinks running awy would help but oh how she was wrong.


1. My Story

 Rose's pov 

     My story is well like anyone else's that have been abused.I guess. My nam is Rose Marie Leena . I'm 14 and from Mathansen,New York. I've been abused since iwas nine.Tbat's wen my dad thought it was ok to hit me whenever he was mad at everyone else. He aslo rapped me and touched me in various ways. I hated him. Now I'm running away to a better life. I hope its better than what i used to have. My mom didn't care about me. She was always stoned and drunk. I grew up as a druggie kid,but I stay away from that stuff. they were gunna give me to my grandma but she don't care if I die or life. She just wants me gone. See I was a mistake that was made in a one night stand. My grandma always punsihed me and not my mom fot me being born. My grandpa was the only loving person that would actually be nice to me and take care of me. We had a great bond but he died last year. Now I habe no one. Everyone at school bullies me eben the nerds ! I hate my life well my old life. I grabbed all my money and headed for Brooklin . I stayed at a nice motel better than a dumpmotel. A bunch of girls were running towards me and screaming. Weird well I better get away from them before I get hurt. This is the starting of my story 

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