Being one of the Devines is hard

Josh Devine has a sister, Skye, She sings, dances and is a drummer just like Josh, She always looked up to him, But when he left with One Direction she changed, not her look but the way she acted, She's not the innocent little girl she was before, not only because she just turned 19 it's because he left.


2. Young ages but perfect matches

-Skye's POV- I woke up because of the sun and then I realized I was still at Harry's house "Crap!" I screamed as I ran to get changed, I was gonna change at the party but I was already here so, I pulled out my purple tank-top and my black skinny jeans, then I put on my purple flats, I ran out putting on my grey hoodie and slinging my backpack over one shoulder "Relax, your brother and mum know your here" Harry said texting someone "Oh okay" "he's coming here anyway" I put my bag down and sat down on the couch, A minute later the doorbell rang and in came Josh, Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Lauren Hunters, Lauren was Niall's girlfriend all though she is 13, She fits Niall perfectly. Her hair is all different colors, it's light brownish-light reddish-dirty blondish, so basically auburn. She was very pretty but I don't understand why Niall would date a 13 year old, I just sat there staring at my phone, with my jaw dropped and my eyes widened, me rich best friend just sent me a picture of her kissing my  boy friend, MY boyfriend. I was furious, Even more mad than sad "Skye are you okay?" Liam asked "Yeah, I just need to take care of something" I said still staring at the photo and putting my bag over one shoulder, I turned off my phone and walked over to my EX-boyfriends house "What is this!?" I yelled at him showing him the photo "I-I'm so sorry babe" He stuttered "Save it! Don't call me or say I'm yours, Don't call me babe, Give me my clothes back and all the stuff that I gave you NOW!" I screamed and he ran up to his room and came back down with all of my stuff in one huge box "I'll never see you again" I said before running to my house witch luckily was just a block down, I slammed the door with my foot and put my stuff in my room, I'm not gonna stop being friends with her though, I am now using her to get stuff since she has a lot of money "I hate him, I want him to move out of town possibly even out of the country" I said as I was ripping pictures of us, I stopped ripping and just sat down on my bed and started crying, I hate to admit but I'm really fragile "Skye? you in here?" I heard Harry outside of the door, then The door opened "You okay?" He asked shutting the door then coming to sit down next to me "No I'm not, My Ex boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend" I said and wiped away the last tear that escaped "Well, josh said to get ready" He said standing up "Why?" "Red carpet then interview and you're coming with us because you're his sister" He walked away "Great" I stood up and walked to the bathroom, I took a quick shower and pulled on my PJ's just for now, I blow dried my hair, I curled my hair and picked out a dress, It was a glamorous gold sequin peplum dress, A short dress with one layer of frill and  it was all gold and sequined, My shoes were Christian Louboutin lady peep  glitter nude Pumps, I know fancy right? my nails were painted black and I had a nice light pink gloss on and I had a nice red and purple smokey eye, I curled my hair and put on my paper airplane necklace, you might think that I stole this from Harry but no, I had the same one. I grabbed my gold glitter box clutch and walked out the door "You clean up nicely" Niall said "Well I'm a girl and you're guys, there's a difference" "Let's go!" I heard someone say from behind me, I wasn't surprised that it was Harry, Then When we walked out Lauren was waiting in a really pretty purple dress "Hey Lauren! sorry for leaving earlier" I said and she pulled me right into a hug "Hi!" She replied happily, I smiled at her and hopped into the car.

A/N Thanks for reading lovelies!  still a couple of spots open!

Niall's GF: Sorry gals! token by Lauren Stylinson.

Josh's GF: Hair, Name, Age (Josh is like 21)

Skye's Rich BFF: Hair, Name, Age

Skye's Enemy: Hair, Name, Age

Skye's BFFL: Hair, Name, Age (Skye's rich BFF is different from this BFF, This BFF is the person she tells all her secrets to)

Zayn's GF: Hair, Name, Age

Liam's GF: Hair, Name, Age

Louis' GF: Hair,, Name, Age

and Harry will not have a GF due to me picking Skye to be his GF

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