Being one of the Devines is hard

Josh Devine has a sister, Skye, She sings, dances and is a drummer just like Josh, She always looked up to him, But when he left with One Direction she changed, not her look but the way she acted, She's not the innocent little girl she was before, not only because she just turned 19 it's because he left.


4. When did i become his girlfriend?

-Skye's POV- "Skye, look" Devon said "What in the fucks name is going on?" I looked out my window, staring at josh and harry fighting, not arguing but actually fighting "Josh, Harry, what the fuck?" I screamed through my window "He said your his girlfriend!" Josh yelled "What the hell?" "Dev, just stay out of this" I said calmly, Devon is my best friend, and she's really pretty too, she's blonde and has pretty blue eyes, She's 14, though I  treat her like she's 19.....Duh. "I'm not his girlfriend!" I screamed and looked at harry, who had a sad look in his eye and then a really evil smirk playing at his lips "Really? he tells me otherwise" Josh crossed his arms, I just put up the middle finger and went back to talking with Devon "So, uhm tonight I cant come to.." I trailed off "can't come to what? My brothers birthday?" She asked "Y-yeah" I choked out "Oh, Why?" "I'm have to go to One directions new perfume release" I said "Can't I come?" "Yeah, I was actually going to ask you to come, so will you?" I asked smiling "Of course, Dress code is all I need" "Okay, so there will be 5 other girls coming and what 3 of us, including me have thought to do is wear a dress and converse high tops and that is what we are going to do if you want to do it too!" I exclaimed "Okay! So when is it?" She asked "Just come here around 8:00" "Alright, well I have to go get ready because it's 6:30" She smiled "Oh shit, Kay bye" I hugged her and she walked home "GO GET READY!"  I screamed out the window then I took a quick shower and blow dried my hair afterwards, I got on a light blue dress that was up to my knees and grabbed my black converse, I curled my hair and put on some lip gloss and little bit of eyeliner, I'm not a fan of make-up "Hey Crista, I see you have done what we where planning" I smiled "Yup, I really liked the idea of not wearing heels" She smiled "Hey Kim, Hey Kay" I smiled and gave them both a hug "So, I got my best friend Devon to join us in our little group, oh and Cynthia, my brother girlfriend has to tag along but she's not going to talk to us" "Alright" They said in-sync "Dev! hey, meet Crista, she's 13 and this is Kim and Kay, that's their nicknames, they are 19 and that over there is Cynthia, she's 15 and that is Lauren she's also 13"I said in one breath "Hi" She said to all of them, she got a chant of hi's and hello's "Hey girls,  so what are we talking about?" Cynthia said "Uhm, Cynthia no offense or anything but your wearing heels and we aren't so this is our group of not wearing heels and you belong over there" I pointed to Lauren "Oh, okay" She walked over to Lauren and started talking about me, I can tell they were looking at me "Okay guys, we need a plan just in case we lose each other" "We should have each others numbers" Kim said "Great idea" Devon piped in, we all exchanged numbers and started a group chat "Okay so this is were we talk to each other when we are in separate places" Lauren said "Yep, We're ready" I smiled


Niall's GF: Sorry gals! token by Lauren Stylinson.

Josh's GF: Sorry Girls! token by Chica loca

Skye's Rich BFF: Hair, Name, Age

Skye's Enemy: Hair, Name, Age

ADDED! Skye's BFF: Sorry! Taken by DevonRileyHoran

Skye's BFFL: Hair, Name, Age (Skye's rich BFF is different from this BFF, This BFF is the person she tells all her secrets to)

Zayn's GF: Sorry Mrs.Malik! token by Toxic_Love

Liam's GF: Sorry Liam girls! token by Kimmistylesforever

Louis' GF: Sorry! token by kayleahoran12345

and Harry will not have a GF due to me picking Skye to be his GF

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