Being one of the Devines is hard

Josh Devine has a sister, Skye, She sings, dances and is a drummer just like Josh, She always looked up to him, But when he left with One Direction she changed, not her look but the way she acted, She's not the innocent little girl she was before, not only because she just turned 19 it's because he left.


3. Meet the love of my brothers life

A/N DOHMYGOSH! I am soooooooooooooooooooooo sorry I didn't update, grrah! now im mad at my self....

-Skye's POV- I'm at home meeting all the girls.....So as we know Lauren and now I shall introduce them to you

Crista (Sorry, you didn't comment your name, so I'm just going to call you Crista for now) She has red hair but as she and Zayn call it 'Strawberry Blonde'. All I can say about her eyes is Beautiful, She has crystal blue eyes with navy blue surrounding,it is absolutely gorgeous.  And yeah, she's 13 too. (Zayns Girl)

Kimberly, Her hair is a mix of Blonde and a little bit of brown, she's 19, THANK GOD! and she has very light blue eyes, really pretty. (Liams girl)

Kaylea, btw it's pronounced Kayleigh....Also 19, WOOOOOOOOT! she has blacky-brownish hair, and her eyes are such a pretty bright green. (Louis' girl)

Now as for my own brother *cue puking sounds* She is a gorgeous girl, Cynthia...She's 15 and I've only seen her through pictures (you didn't give me much info)

Lauren and Crista where talking while Me, Kimberly and Kaylea were in my room because y'know , we are 19 year old girls like we can talk in private "Okay, so I know I just met you guys but I feel like we will be best friends already" Kimberly said "We need nick names" Kaylea said "I know, Kimberly is Kim and Kaylea is Kay!" I exclaimed "Or lea" She said "Yeah" I smiled "And your S, I guess" Kim said "Actually, Skye is my nick name, I'm Skyelar" (I know weird spelling right?) "Oh!!! Okay" Kay exclaimed "Makes much more sense now" Kim said "KIMBERLY, KAYLEA, SKYE!" Josh yelled "WHAT!?" I yelled back "GET YOUR BUTTS DOWN HERE FOR CAKE!" he yelled "Oooooo! Cake!" I jumped up and ran downstairs, I like my cake like I like my boys,  sweet and yummy (you see that pun, no? okay)  "Ha, there's no cake" Josh said, I made a really weird noise and grabbed my bag full of stuff "Scarlett called for you" He said "Okay" I said grabbing my car keys "Kim, Kay wanna come?" I asked "Sur-" They both looked at their boyfriends "No thanks" They said in-sync with a sad look in their eyes "Let's go, I got a dog to look after" I said "A dog? I'm sorry Lou, I'm coming!" She said as she got on her shoes and grabbed her bag "3 dogs actually" I said "Ehm, Kimberly is staying here" Liam said "No i'm not" she shuffled over to me and we piled into my car "So we aren't actually taking care of dogs, We are going to a club and that's why I got you girls" I said

A/N sorry it's short, It'll be longer next time :)

Niall's GF: Sorry gals! token by Lauren Stylinson.

Josh's GF: Sorry Girls! token by Chica loca

Skye's Rich BFF: Hair, Name, Age

Skye's Enemy: Hair, Name, Age

Skye's BFFL: Hair, Name, Age (Skye's rich BFF is different from this BFF, This BFF is the person she tells all her secrets to)

Zayn's GF: Sorry Mrs.Malik! token by Toxic_Love

Liam's GF: Sorry Liam girls! token by Kimmistylesforever

Louis' GF: Sorry! token by kayleahoran12345

and Harry will not have a GF due to me picking Skye to be his GF


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