Being one of the Devines is hard

Josh Devine has a sister, Skye, She sings, dances and is a drummer just like Josh, She always looked up to him, But when he left with One Direction she changed, not her look but the way she acted, She's not the innocent little girl she was before, not only because she just turned 19 it's because he left.


6. Discontinuing

-Skye's POV-

My back ached as i woke up the next day. Carter groaned, getting up herself. "good morning to you as well" I say, throwing the blankets off of me



This is all I had written for the chapter.

This has bad grammar and I just don't feel like continuing something I have no motivation towards, sorry you guys. I'll be writing a new on in the meantime though so stick around.


- Shay :)

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