Being one of the Devines is hard

Josh Devine has a sister, Skye, She sings, dances and is a drummer just like Josh, She always looked up to him, But when he left with One Direction she changed, not her look but the way she acted, She's not the innocent little girl she was before, not only because she just turned 19 it's because he left.


5. Broken Hearts and Lovers Cheat

-Skye's POV- "Wha? Huh? WHERE AM I?" I screamed getting up "Sh, Your at my place.. You passed out, drunk at the new fragrance release After party" Carter, My Best friend Sister laughed "Oh, Hehe" I laughed "so, uhm, Y'know how you like Josh? Well Ilikeharryandhesaidiwashisgirlfriend" I said "Could your repeat that, slower.." She said "I like harry and he said I was his girlfriend" I Repeated and looked down at the bed I was sitting on "Oh my gosh!" she screamed and giggled, I giggled at  her response and called Josh "Heyyyyyoooooo! pick me up in 3 hours" I said into the phone "Okay" He replied and I hung up "Carter" I whined "What?" She asked "Take me to get a tattoo" I said through the bathroom door as I was getting changed, I always kept a stash of clothes at Carters house just in case I need to sleepover at her house "Okay" She smiled ~Back at Carter's House~ I got a tattoo of a tiger just like Josh's but of course as a tiger. ~At Skye's House~ "Aha! Well Josh, We all know what's coming for ya!" I laughed we all walked into the kitchen, My jaw dropped and my eyes started to water, There it was, Cynthia kissing Harry "Harry?"  I asked "Huh?" They both looked at me "Well....Shit just got real" Carter said whilst backing away awkwardly "I'll be in the living room" She said and ran into the living room, I smiled weakly and stormed off into the living room, I basically collapsed into Carters arms and just cried "It's okay Skye" She said gently whilst hugging me whilst I was crying into her arms "Hey, remember, we have Vid Con tonight" She smiled at me "yeah" I smiled

-Josh's POV- I couldn't even look at her, I shook my head and walked into the living room "Hey" I said, Carter shook her head and whispered 'not the time' I nodded and walked into my room. I heard a knock 2 minutes later "It's open" I yelled "Josh" SHE opened the door "What do you want?" I asked angrily "I want to talk"

-Carter's POV- I pulled Skye up to her room and fixed her make-up and then I rummaged through my stash of clothes at her house and got dressed in the bathroom "Hey, You look gorgeous" I said smiling at her "Thanks" she replied and smiled, she was wearing a Snapback with her hair going down her shoulders and she wore a tank-top that was all light blue and some white skinny jeans and white vans and she had her O2L iPhone 5 case whilst I wore a snapback and a smosh hoodie, black skinny jeans and purple converse with my custom made Pewdiepie iPhone 5 phone case "Ready?" I asked "Ready" She smiled ~At Vid Con~ We ran into Shane Dawson first "HOLY FUCK IT'S SHANE DAWSON" We said in-sync "Hi girls" He laughed "Hi, we love you" Skye said, we both got a picture with him. We then ran into Marzia also known a Cutiepie, We also got a picture and hugs too! We ran into Kalel (Wonderlandwordrobe &WatchUsLive&Stuff) hugs and pictures is what we got. Next we met Skye's Favourite collab channel, Our2ndLife.

-Skye's POV- "Oh my fuck, I think I'm gonna die" I fell and luckily Carter caught me then I started laughing and got up "Hi, I'm like your biggest fan" I smiled as they all signed my phone case, I got a picture with all of them and then just one with Jc . "Oh my gosh" I squealed as we walked away from them "He kissed my cheek!" I said tweeting what just happened, There they are, Smosh! "SMOSH OH MY GOSH! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!" Carter screamed "I see what you did there" Ian laughed, She got a hug, a picture, an autograph and a subscribe on her YouTube channel. All I got was a picture and a hug. "PEWDIE!" I screamed running towards him "OH MY FUCKING GOSH PEWDS I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" She yelled "We are your number one bros" I smiled we both got a hug, a picture, a subscription on YouTube, and an autograph ~Back at my House~ "That was a tiring night" I said as I crawled onto the couch "Yeah, sure was" Carter smiled getting on the other couch "Goodnight Carter" I said turning off the lights "Goodnight Skye" She whispered before we both drifted into a deep sleep

Niall's GF: Sorry gals! token by Lauren Stylinson.

Josh's GF: Sorry Girls! token by Chica loca

Skye's Rich BFF: Hair, Name, Age

Skye's Enemy: Hair, Name, Age

ADDED! Skye's BFF: Sorry! Taken by DevonRileyHoran

Skye's BFFL: Sowwy! Token By, My best friend in real life Sky High  ☆★☆★

Zayn's GF: Sorry Mrs.Malik! token by Toxic_Love

Liam's GF: Sorry Liam girls! token by Kimmistylesforever

Louis' GF: Sorry! token by kayleahoran12345

and Harry will not have a GF due to me picking Skye to be his GF

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