Being one of the Devines is hard

Josh Devine has a sister, Skye, She sings, dances and is a drummer just like Josh, She always looked up to him, But when he left with One Direction she changed, not her look but the way she acted, She's not the innocent little girl she was before, not only because she just turned 19 it's because he left.


1. Sleepover at my brothers best friends

-Skye's POV- It's been almost a full year since my brother left with One Direction, I changed, not my appearance but my attitude and age, I walked downstairs, still in my PJ's  since I literately just woke up "Scarlet called" My mum said "And?" I asked getting my phone from my backpack "Call her back"  She replied before walking away, I checked my calendar on my phone and Josh was coming back today, I wasn't that excited "When is Josh coming back?" She asked me "Today" I said and walked back to my room, I got out A grey t-shirt and black skinny jeans, I tucked the shirt in a little and then put on my black Converse, I was about to go downstairs until I heard Josh, I did go down but after I put on my black blazer. I walked down slowly "Skye! Come here!" My mom screamed "I'm here" I said, I grabbed my backpack and slung it over on shoulder " I'm going to school" "Hey" He waved "Oh Hi!" I waved back "I have to go, bye" I said and grabbed my car keys and walked out to my red Lamborghini, You think I'm lucky? No I'm not, I just got this from my VERY rich best friend -After school- I walked in and everyone was staring at me "What did I do?" I asked putting my bag down and walking over to the couch, nobody said anything so I went onto my phone and checked my instagram, 8 new followers, nice, I was about to take a picture but "Can we join?" Harry asked with a smirk "Sure why not" I replied they all got in the picture and we all possibly made awkward or funny faces, I posted with a comment 'Aha! My bro came back told ya i was the REAL Skye Devine!' I posted and then watched whatever they were watching, Once I looked at the time it was 10:30 "I have to go to...uhm...I'm going to sleep" I hesitated and then grabbed my converse and bag and phone and ran up to my room, I'm going to a party with Harry, Yeah I was going to a party with my brother's best friend, I got my converse on and brushed my hair, I texted harry

To Harry: Are you Outside?

From Harry: Yeah I'm waiting

Okay I grabbed my phone and put it in my front pocket then I grabbed my backpack and slung it over my shoulder, then climbed out the window, I ran over to Harry's car or at least I thought it was his car "Alright let's go" I said -After the party- I was climbing up my window until Harry tugged on my bag "What?" I asked quietly after dropping "Josh said he was going for a walk and I don't want you to be caught and I don't want him to see my car" He said, way to close to me "Okay what are we gonna do now?" I asked "Your staying at my place" He said and we ran back to his car -At his Flat- "Here" He said and threw me one of his Jack wills shirt and sweatpants "Thanks" I said and ran to the bathroom, I put my clothes in my bag and then we watched Pitch Perfect, I fell asleep in the middle of the movie.

A/N Thanks for reading! you can have a character in the story I have a whole bunch of spots open! 

Niall's GF: Hair color, full name, age

Josh's GF: Hair, Name, Age (Josh is like 21)

Skye's Rich BFF: Hair, Name, Age

Skye's Enemy: Hair, Name, Age

Skye's BFFL: Hair, Name, Age (Skye's rich BFF is different from this BFF, This BFF is the person she tells all her secrets to)

Zayn's GF: Hair, Name, Age

Liam's GF: Hair, Name, Age

Louis' GF: Hair,, Name, Age

and Harry will not have a GF due to me picking Skye to be his GF


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