My Love

I met him at starbucks, and it all continued from their.


2. Why are you here?

Delia's Pov:



I walked in the door, after having an akward car ride. I trough my bag on the ground and made my way over to the coouch. I sat and watched reruns of 'Full House' untill aout 1:00 am. I decided to go to bed. i got up and locled the door. i walked lazily up stairs, only to find Louis sitting on my bed? "Hey, love!" he said. "Hi? what are you doing here/" i asked. "i wanted to see youre beautiful face." he smiled. i was about to ask how he got in here but got cut off. "the window was opened. might not wanna leave it open when your not in here."





A/N hey! sory 4 this REALLLLLLLYYYY short chapter. im having a SEVIOR case on writers block,. :( ill try to post moe tomm. ill try my best to post everday. love u.

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