My Love

I met him at starbucks, and it all continued from their.


1. Starbucks

Delia's Pov:



I walked into Starbucks, and stood in the very long line. *10 minutes later* Finally! "Hi, I would like a Latte please." I said. "Ok mam' that will be $4.82." I paid and went to stand around the corner. "Here you are." I took my Latte, and looked for an empty table. It sure was busy. I saw a table with 4 chairss and only 1 person. i decided to ask if i could sit their. i walked up the the extremely handsome guy. "Excuse me, is anyone else sitting hre?" i asked? he looked up fom his phone and smiled. "No, love. Please... sit." he said. I sat down acoss from him. "so... what's your name, love?" he said smiling.


Louis' Pov:



"Excuse me, is anyone else sitting here?" a girl asked. i looked up from my phone and saw, her. I emedietly fell in love with her. I smiled. "No, love. please... sit." i said. she sat down across from me. "so... what's your name, love?" i asked smiling. She will be mine. "Delia. have we met before? you look familiar." she asked. "What a beautiful name" she blushed "And no, but you may recongnize me as Louis Tomlinson from 'One Direction'." i said. She nodded and took a sip from her drink.  "I'm sorry, but i just think your incedibly beautiful. Your blue eyes, your smile, your face. I would really love it if we met up again." i said. she was blushing a bright bright red, but it was cute. "Can i have your number?" i asked smiling to the groung. "Sure. 599-3025" she said. i added her in and took a pic of her. "I'll call you." i said. She got up to walk away, "Hey, you want a ride home?" i asked. "If you dont mind." "Not at all." I drove her home. it was quit in the car except for the radio. "Bye Delia." I yelled as she got out. She waved by and walked inside. I am in love!

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