My Love

I met him at starbucks, and it all continued from their.


18. RUDE Awakening

Delia's Pov:



I woke up to find 4 guys jumping on the bed. one with curly brown hiar, one with black hair, one with blonde hair in a quiff, and another brown head but shaved. the blode one stepped on mystomach and i yelled. "Get the f*** off me"  then louis came outa the bathroom and yelled "get off my girl!" thank you, lou. they all got off me and i sat up glaring at them. "Del, these are the guys i'm in a band yet." he started "u never told me u were in a dand." i siad. "Oh, i just... thought u knew who we were." he said. i shook my haed as to say 'nope.' "well, this is Harry" he gestured toawerds to curly, "This is Niall" he pointed to the blonde, "Zayn and Liam." Zayn, black hair; Liam, shaved head. i smiled, and louis came over and pulled me onto his lap. "Soooo, Louis. r u gonna intoduce us to ur 'Lady Fwend?" harry said smirkimg. i blushed. "Guys, this is Delia. Delia, these are 'The Guys.'" i smile, and all the guys chorus a 'hi'.


A/N: heyy guysssss. soooo...i'm thinking about writing a second story, only it would be humorus. what r ur thoughts? i'm very funny. trust me. i dont use curse words so thats y i didnt spell out the whole word. anyways, for the next chappy i need 280 views, and 25 likes. i know you can do that. plzzzz help me out. thank you , and i love u guys soooo much. -Anna xxxxx

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