My Love

I met him at starbucks, and it all continued from their.


6. Pick Up

Louis' Pov:



I walked trough my room and into my closet. i looked trough my clothes, and decided to wear my signiture look.  Red jeans, red 'Toms', red braces (suspenders), and a blue and wite striped shirt. i walked out of my room and into the kitchen where i grabbed my car keys and walked out the door. i walked to my car and and got in, starting it. i drove out of the driveway and drove to her house. i pulled up into her driveway, got out, and walked to the front door. i rung the bell, and seconds later the most beautiful girl opened the door. i looked inti her eyes and then, up and down, she didnt seem to mind. we were both wearing bright red jeans, 'Toms' though her's were blue, and a blue shirt. "Hello Delia." i said smiling. "hi Lou." she said, shyly. i could tell she was nervous. i grabbed her hand and led her to my car. i opened up the door for her, and helped her into my 'Black Porsh'. ( bittyboolove if ur reading this, im talkin bout the black porsh from "coppers" lolololol!!! ) i shut the door and walked over to my door. i got in, strated the car and drove off. 'Where are we going?" she asked looking out the side window. "Somewhere." i said. she looked at me and said "yah due, i know that. but where." "someplace you'll love." i said. i hoped she wasn't afraid of hights, im taking her to the 'London Eye'!!!!!

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