My Love

I met him at starbucks, and it all continued from their.


15. Lunch

Delia's Pov:



I blushed at his comment. "thanks." i said softly. he reached out for my hand and interwined it with his! we alked out and intot the kitchen. "what would you like?" he askes lifting me onto the counter. i srug my shoulders. he walks up to me, and i spread my legs open so that he's standing inbetween them. "Delia, theirs something i've been wanting to ask you all day." he says. i get nervous. "Whta's that?" i ask. "Will, you be my girlfriend?" he asks very shyly. my heart starts beating super fast. :I've been waiting all day for you to say that!" i exclaim. "i take that as a yes?" he asks smiling. i nod. he leans in and kisses me. "now, what for lunch?" i say. he looks up at me and smiles. "Well, i know how to make a fer things." he states. "yah?" i say doubting him. "Well...i make a mean bowl of cereal." he says trying to impress me. "Ok them. cereal!" i say smiling. "you shore?" i nod. "I have froot loops, cherreios, fruity pebbles, coco puffs, triz, and honey combs." he said. i think for a minute them say "fruity pebbles my good sur."  he laughs and makes mine and his. he brings them over to the couches ands puts them on the coffe table then comes back and picks me up. i smile and he sits, setting me on his lap. "here." he hands me my bowl. "Movie marathon, beautiful?" he says starring into my euyes. "YAH!!" i yell. jhe laughs. he picks me up off him and set s me next to him. he gets up and says 'titanic?' smirking. i nod. he puts it in and comes back. we finihed eating within 5  minutes. i lay down on the couch with my head in his lap...



A/N: Hiiiiii! i'm soooooo sorry for not updating latly. i've just been really busy with school and such. i know my chapters are short, but its just easier for me to wright that way, a bunch of short chaptres. like, first of all i never have the time to write like 40 million word chapters (i lov being sarcastic), amd second, i know what i want to happen, i just dont know what  to have happen before then.  oh and i'm not gonna be posting my next chapter till i have 20 comments and 12 likes. sorry for that, iots just its really means alot to me, and yah. i'm gonna prob. start doing this so yah. once i get 20 (or more :)) and 12 likes (or more :)) then i will upsate. thanl you, and i hope you understand. -Anna xxxxxx

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