My Love

I met him at starbucks, and it all continued from their.


17. Lullabys'

Louis' Pov:



She layed back down in my lap, aand i watched her as her eye lids started to fall. "You tired?" i asked. she nodded. "i'll carry you to my bed." she nodded. I moved out from under her, and picked her up; she wrapped her arms around my neck and her lags around my waist. she layed her head on my shoulder, and i walked upstairs to my room. i have to admit, she was very light. too light for her age. i'll have to ask her about that later. i layed her down in my bed and pulled to blanket up over her. i walked to the other side of the bed and go undee the blankets. she looked up at me and said 'wut r u doin?" i smiled. "I'm taking a nap with u, what else would i be doin?" she smiled. i watched as she layed down turning on her side, to face away from me, and closed her eyes. i started to sing to her

"said i'd never leave her

cause her hands fit like my t-shirt

tounge tide over 3 words


running over thoughts that make my feet hurt

bodies interwinded with her lips

no she's feeling so low

since she went solo

hole in the middle of my heart like a polo

and it's no joke to me

so can we do it all over again

if you're pretending from the start

like this, with a tight grip

then  my kiss, can mend your broken heart

i might miss, everything you said to me

and i can lent you broken parts

that might fit

like this, and i can give you all my heart

so we can start it all over again

can we take the same road

2 days in the same clothes

and i know just what she'll say

if i make all this pain go

canwe stop this for a minute

you know, i can tell that your heart isnt in it

or with it

tell me with your mind

body and spirit

i can make your tears fall down

like the showers that are british

whether were together or apart

we can both remove the masks

and admit we regret from the start"

and with that she was asleep. i lay down next to her, and slowly fall asleep myself.







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