My Love

I met him at starbucks, and it all continued from their.


16. Little Kisses

Delia's Pov:



i lay down on the couch with my head in his lap smiling. i have the perfest life. he just sat their watching the movie, every so often he stared at me. i was just laying there, on him,  watching the move every so often looking at him. i looked up at him ans we made eye contact. right then and there the newd ( >.< gross >.< ) scene came on. i sat up still making eye contact, and louis sat me 0n his lap. he leanded in and gave me a bunch of litttle kisses alll over my face, head, and neck. i just sat with my eyes closed, smiling.



A/N: Heyyyyyy. sorry for the short chapter. i just needed to tell you guys a little something about why i havent been writing as much.  well, so today started my schools LAST 9 weeks (grading period). (YAY!!! ONLY 9 WEEKS TILL SCHOOL IS OVER!!!) so that means i have exams coming up (in may) and i'll be trying to get better grades, cause i kinda made some promises that i needed tio get my grades up. so. i'm gonna be studying alot. i'll post when i can. so...just expect random updates. once the summer comes, i'm sure i'll be posting like 24/7. thanks, and i hope you understand. :) -Anna xxxxxx

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