My Love

I met him at starbucks, and it all continued from their.


14. Getting Dressed

Delia's Pov:



We sat in the car for a kinute, just looking out at the rain, as it got harder and harder. "If you want i can maybe, carry youy inside?" Louis asked me. i turned to look at him and gave him a look, witch was to say 'Ok.' he got outta the car and walked over to my sid eof the car, opened to door and helped me out picking me up bridle style.  he ran inside, and as he did my face was in his chest hoping i wouldnt fall. we got inside and he shut the door still holding me. 'you can put me down now." i said looking in those beautiful eyes. "no i cant. i cant have water all over my house."  he stated. he looked away fro a minute than carried me up to his room. it was HUGE!!! he had a king sized bed ( >.< ) a 100 inch flatcreeen on the wall and so much more, i cant even explain. he must of saw the the look on my face cause he siad "yah, i know. its cool." he walked tro the bathroom, me still in his hands, and he put me down on the counter. "stay here. i'll go get us some clothes. " and with that he walked out. a mi ute later he came back with clothes for us. "here, i just got you some sweat pants and one of my shirts. if you want a sweat shirt or somethin else, let me know. "may i have a sweatshirt, please?" i said smiling. he nodded and walked back out. he walked back in with one and handed it to me. "I'll leave you alone to change you can just bring me your clothes and i'll put them in the dryer." i smiled and nodded. then he left closing the door.  i locked it and tryed to take of my dress but the zippern was stuck! I walked out and saw louis with only sweatpants on. "can you maybe unzip this for me? it got stuck." i said blushing. "sure!" he said. he got it unzipped, but pulled my hair a little. that hurt, but i got over it. i walked back intot the bachroom, locking it and took off my dress. i trew it onto the ground and looked at my self in the meir. i was soaked and my hair was a mess! i took off my bra and underwear and looked at the clothes he had gottan me. awwwww. he got me a pair of boxers. how sweet. i put those on and then the sweat pants. they where navy blue and had the 'Jack Wills' simble on them. then i put on the jacket. i didnt want the shirt on. so i walked out and put the shirt in his closet and then went downstairs. "here." i say handing him my clothes. he smiles and taked them. i follow him in tot the wash rroom and he puts them in the dryer along with his. he's ony wearing a light blue tshirt and blacfk sweatpants. :) " well, you look adorable." he says looking me up and down.

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