My Love

I met him at starbucks, and it all continued from their.


11. Camera

Louis' Pov:



we were walking down the street, to nandos, for lunch.  when all of a sudden...


a camera! i thought. i felt delia jump. another. i turned around, pulling delia into my arms, and holding her tight.  we saw a reporter with a camera, and sound recorder. i tightened my grip around her and said "Why are you herer?" i asked. i knew it sounded rude, but i truley ment it. "Same reason they are." he said pointinhg to people behind us. i turned around, still with delia in my grip, and said "WHAT?" i felt delias heart start beating faster. i whispered in her ear "It's ok. shhh. just relax. i wont let them hurt you." i said iyt so quiet i didnt know if she could hear me. she nodded and i knew she had heard me. "we just wanna meet your new girlfriend." they said in a mocking voice. i pulled delia even closer to me. "Leave us ALONE!" i yelled. "No!" said the guy behind us.



A/N: hey guys. this would be longer, but i have 2 leave to go tp the eye doctor? idk y. but all i know is i'm scared. they might blow air in my eyes!!! ;0 sorry 4 not updating, its been really crazy the last few days, track starting and stuff. i'll try to post later.  wuv u.

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