My Love

I met him at starbucks, and it all continued from their.


12. Camera pt.2

Louis' Pov:



"No!" said the guy behind us. i felt delia start to shake, just a little, but it still upset me to know she was scared. "JUST LEAVE US ALONE!!!" i yelled. "Awww. were upsetting the little popstar!" they joked. with that everyone laughed. i looked down at delia and she had tears in here eyes. "CAN YOU JUST PLEASE LEAVE US ALONE???" Delia yelled. i could here the weary-ness in her voice. i pulled her tighter. knowing that this scared her and she just wanted them to leave made me even more upset. i just want her to be happy, not scared.  "Well...anything for 2 princesses." the sid, laughing. they left amd i just stood their. "Delia, you okay baby?" i asked. she didnt reply, i looked at her and saw the tears streaming down her face. i quickly wiped them and moved away from her to where i was standing in front of her. i leaned in and hugged her, rubbing her back. "i dont really wanna go out for lunch. you just wanna come back to my place? i could make us lunch." i said. i thought that would help. she nodded, and i took her hand and pulled her VERY close to me. we walked back to the car in silence, except for the sound of her sniffling every so often.



Delia's pov:



he helped me into the car, and i had been really scared, but i now felt really safe with Louis. i looked up as he got in the car and we made eye contact! i smiled, and he started the car, without breaking the contact! he look out the front winder (lolololol)  and started to drive the car out of the parking garage. he took my hand and helded it tight, but it felt right!

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