My Love

I met him at starbucks, and it all continued from their.


4. Breakfast

Louis' Pov:



I woke up and sat up.  i remembered  today at breakfast i was going to  ask Delia. I made up the whole thing about Haz . i just wanted to be with her.  i smelled eggs and waffles and followed my nose into a yellow and blue kitchin. "Good morning, love. how did you sleep?" i asked. she looked at me and smiled. "morning. i slept fine, how bout you?"  "Good, no great." i said. come on lou, ASK HER!!!! she nodded. "hee." she handed me a plate with a homemade wafffle, yum, and eggs. "May i have some" she cut me off. "syrup? on the counter." "o." i said. i turned aound and their it was. i sat on the stool at the counter and started to eat, poring syrup on my waffle. "Hey, ummm Delia?" i asked. she walked over and sat next to me. "yes." she whispered. "i was uh, wondering, er, if um, you'd maybe like to um, go to luch with me sometime?" i was super nervouse, and i never got nervous aroung girls. she just made me get buterflies in my stomach.



Delia's Pov:



"i was uh, wondering, er, if um, you'd maybe like to um,  go to lunch with me sometime?" he asked. YES, FINALLY!!!!! he asked!!!!! :) I smiled. "of couse." i said. i could see him smile. "great. maybe today?" i nodded, trying not to scream. i mean i like-like him. not as a famous person, but as him. "ok, i'll go back to my flat and pick you up aoung 1-ish?" he said. "Ok, sure." i said.  he got up, put his plate in the sink and went to his room. i countinued esting. he came down a minute later wearing a coat, shoes,shirt, and pants. he grabbed his car keys off the counter. "Bye del. see you later." he smiled and waved walking out the front door. "Bye." i yelled. he shut the door and i saw him walk down the driveway onto the street and around the house to were he had parked his car. i heard his car start and saw it drive away. i finished up eating and sat there for a moment. did he really just call me 'Del'? it was cute, buut i didnt really like it when people shortened my name. oh well. i put my dishes in the sink, and quickly washed mine and louis'.



A/N: hiiiii. thanks for all the reads. just letting you know that Track starts at my school on march 5th, so i prob wont be able to write everynight. but ill try my best. :) anyways... I'M GONNA B A LITTLE RUNNER LIKE LIAM!!!!!!! :) (appy dance) ummm... has anyone got any ideas on whats gonna happen? ;) let me know in the comments. wuv u.

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