Kiss Me Slowly

Fiona Love is your typical teen age girl: she works at her aunts restaurant, she goes to school, makes pretty good grades, is a cheer leader and is on the track team and has her best friend glued to her hip until one day Harry Styles walks into the restaurant with his band. She hates Harry Styles with all her heart. The bad boy wanna be was the last person on earth she wanted to wait on. But after helping him esacpe from a nearby disaster sends her hurling into a new direction... To find out why he acted so bad in the first place when he had everything.


2. Promise

I changed from my work clothes to a set a shorts and a purple tank top. I loosened the bun on my head to make it look messier and then touched up on my makeup. Just because I didn't like the band didn't mean I could look nice. I added a little bit of eyeliner to make my grey eyes more blue but it didn't work. My eye color was based off my mood and today, I wasn't happy enough to have sea blue eyes and I wasn't mad enough to have green cat eyes. Grey was the color when I was just in the middle of all my moods. I sighed slowly then gave myself one last look. For a girl who spent most of her summer out in the sun, I was whiter then anyone in town. My face help the palest completion. Another sigh escaped from my lips. That wasn't even the worst part. I had all these little freckles framing my cheeks, at least they were everywhere, but then i also had these massive dimples that were like craters in my face. My hair was a deep brown color with a hint of honey blonde. A mix of my mom and dad my Aunt had always said. She said I had my dads cute button nose and my moms soft, little lips. I liked how I looked but for most guys, I wasn't anything special. Just another girl with the same face but big personality, the girl who always spoke her mind when everyone else kept theirs shut. Dumb girls.  

I walked out of my room then down the stairs where all the guys sat in my living room. Well, everyone but Harry who was walking my house and touching everything. He picked up a picture frame then looked at me.

"Is this your mum?" He asked in his annoying British voice.

"Yes, that's my MOM!" I said taking the frame from him and placing it back in the position it was suppose to be in.

"Well. Aren't you a little rude." He said passing me.

My eyes didn't follow him nor did my body but i still said, "I didn't sigh up for this so how about you leave that wanna be attitude outside because i am not like other girls! That isn't alluring or whatever you want to call it! Okay? Okay! Glad we are on the same page now!"

He didn't say another word, nor did any of the other guys. Because of the rules Dallas gave me, I wasn't allowed to actually show the guys around because they were so famous, it was too risky so we were stuck in my house.

"Lets watch a movie!" I said.

I pulled out a long box full of movies from old movies to newer movies with my favorite, Pitch Perfect! The guys crowed around the movies, all but Harry again. He leaned on the wall next to the staircase. I huffed then walked into the dinning room. While the guys picked out a movie, I was going to make some popcorn.

I pulled out the popcorn when I heard a knock of the back screen door. It was Amy! she was out her uniform as well. She wore way too short of shorts and a tank top that made her features look way too good. Her long hair was curled and waved down her back. She smiled at me then walked in.

"Hello darling!" She said in a fake British accent that didn't go well with her thick Oklahoma accent.

"Amy!" I said nervously. She couldn't know about the guys being her in my house. God love Amy but she had the biggest mouth in the whole town which was saying a lot because Marta Windlow down the street was the towns gossip. Amy's future my Aunt once joked.

She stared at me for a couple seconds then said, "Who's here? I can tell you are hiding someone here! Ohmigosh! Is it Kylee Lack?"

Amy tired to peer around the door way into the living area where the guys sat but I grabbed her by her arm. Amy was about three feet taller than my 5'5" figure and even more fit then I would ever dream. She got loose from my grip then stumbled into the living room.

Before I could stop her, her screams filled the house, "OHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYY GOSHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! ITSSSSS HARRRRRRRRRRRRRRY STYLESSSSSSS!!!!"

Harry, who was finally sitting and rumbling through the movies less enthused then a cat getting chased by  a dog, flung from his place.

"I told you guys! She is a fan or she wouldn't bring her little friend over!" He said pointing at Amy who I thought was going to plummet over and die from excitement.

"I didn't bring her over here Harry! I forgot that Amy was suppose to come over and help plan the fair! You know? The one you are performing for?" I yelled.

Niall stood up a grabbed me by my arm. He whispered in my ear, "She can't tell anyone we are here, please. Help us out."

I nodded and took Amy back to the dining room. I sat her on a chair and gave her a stern look, "Amy, I know that you love these guys but you have to promise me you wont tell anyone that they are here and if you do that then you can go on a date with Harry."

Her eyes grew big, "Don't play with me Fiona!"

"I'm serious! One whole night, you him and a nice candle light dinner at Mavis. But you have to promise me right now!"

She held up her right hand then with her over glossed lips she said, "I promise!"


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