Kiss Me Slowly

Fiona Love is your typical teen age girl: she works at her aunts restaurant, she goes to school, makes pretty good grades, is a cheer leader and is on the track team and has her best friend glued to her hip until one day Harry Styles walks into the restaurant with his band. She hates Harry Styles with all her heart. The bad boy wanna be was the last person on earth she wanted to wait on. But after helping him esacpe from a nearby disaster sends her hurling into a new direction... To find out why he acted so bad in the first place when he had everything.


3. Not Going To Happen

The guys settled on watching Pitch Perfect, after my pleading and after Amy finally left. I was sitting in between Niall and another guy named Liam. He seemed like a nice guy unlike the others who seemed to be more stuck up but not as bad as Harry who was the only one who didn't want to watch this movie. He sat on the floor, closest to the TV eating popcorn from his own bowl. I shared popcorn covered in Franks Hot Sauce with Niall who has never put it on his popcorn before, he loved it. The rest of the guys didn't but they shared with each other.
We were in the middle of the movie when Mavis and Dallas walked in. Mavis look much better than she did earlier. Her face was back to her normal color which was a mix of tan and pale, something way nicer than my color. She looked much happier and a smile was across her lips.
"Fiona!" She said as she spilled into the living space.
I smiled and gave her a big hug. Mavis and me were about the same height, she was just a few inches taller than me and way skinnier. I wasn't curvy like most girls, I was built like a guy my Uncle Frankie once told me. I thought Mavis was going to slap him for saying that to me but instead, they got a divorce a few months later. I never liked him that much anyway.
"Are you feeling any better?" I asked.
"Much better honey!" She said as she pulled away. She looked up Dallas then looked back at me. Her smile still sat smugly on her face, sending chills down my spine. Something was about to happen and if it was what I thought it was, there was no way it was going to happen.
"No!" I said before she could say anything. I walked into the dinning room with her on my heels.
"Fiona, they need a place to stay! They can't stay in the hotel! They won't be able to leave or anything! At least this way they will be able to do stuff! We got some land and I'm sure they can help you with the fair!" She pleaded.
"Not going to happen! I will go stay with Amy!" I yelled.
Mavis rubbed her temples. I crossed my arms. We were both very stubborn and this could go two ways: her way or mine. It was going to be my way this time. As nice as some of those guys were, I was not going to stay under the same roof with the prince himself.
"Fiona. Listen to me. Dallas is willing to pay us a lot of money. We need the money right now. Please. Just do this one little thing for me. It will only be four weeks."
The look in Mavis's eyes meant she was being serious. We must be in a big hole right now. I couldn't believe it. Mavis was a smart women, we couldn't be in hole. But then again, how would I know?
I took a deep breath then gave her a little nod. She smiled at me then we walked back in the living room. Dallas had just finished telling them the news about staying here. Liam and Niall seemed willing to work with it but the others were protesting.
"No way." The guy named Louis said.
"It's for a couple weeks, it won't kill you guys!" Niall said.
Niall seemed like a really nice guy. He carried himself in a positive way. He seemed to be untouched by the fame he has but then again, people are good at hiding their true nature as well. But that's the thing, he seemed so different. I liked it.
Liam chimed in, "Dallas and Niall are right. I don't want to be stuck in a hotel with you guys for a couple of weeks. This way we can get around, help plan the fair so we can give this small town a good time. That's something we owe to them!"
I was about to ask what he meant by the last part but Harry cut me off, "I'm not staying here and that's final."

Harry's POV

"I can't believe we are staying here!" I said as I unpacked my suitcase and put my clothes in this old looking wardrobe.
Zayn sat on the other bed in the room with his face buried into his pillow. "This can't be happening!"
I tossed the rest of my clothes into the wardrobe then fell onto the already neatly made bed that smelled like farm animals. I pitched my nose in disgusted. Zayn was right, none of us but the two good goodies could believe that we were here in this place. If I dreamed about going to America, I would hope to go to New York or Calaforina. Somewhere nice and cool with tons of nice looking girls but no, we come to Oaklhoma because Dallas wanted to reunite with his daughter he just found out about a couple months ago when her mum died. The girl we were staying with and she didn't have a clue Dallas was her dad. I laugh escaped my lips. What a crazy family tree.
"I'm going to bed." Zayn finally said as he switched off the light, "Maybe then when I wake up in the morning, this nightmare will be over."
"Yeah, maybe..." I whispered.
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