Kiss Me Slowly

Fiona Love is your typical teen age girl: she works at her aunts restaurant, she goes to school, makes pretty good grades, is a cheer leader and is on the track team and has her best friend glued to her hip until one day Harry Styles walks into the restaurant with his band. She hates Harry Styles with all her heart. The bad boy wanna be was the last person on earth she wanted to wait on. But after helping him esacpe from a nearby disaster sends her hurling into a new direction... To find out why he acted so bad in the first place when he had everything.


1. Not Today

"If you cant beat them Fiona, then join them, isn't that the saying darling?" My friend Amy said as she passed over two drinks full of coke. She gave me a pouty smile with her big, freshly glossed lips.

I shook my head, "Isn't there like another saying talking about following your own path rather than others or maybe being original is better than being something your not." I placed the two cokes on my tray then waited for her to pass the two double cheeseburgers with bacon and extra pickles.

She placed the burgers on the tray for me. It looked like she was still chewing on the thought I put in her head. I let out a little laugh then went to my table where Drake and Lindsey sat, a couple from our school.

They were to busy staring into each others eyes to even know I dropped their stuff off. I swear they will win the couple most likely to get married at our school. They were pretty cute together. Drake was this super tall, stalky guy while Lindsey was so thin and petite. Whenever they held hands, Lindsey's arms would stick out in this weird way but it was so cute. They would even make the bitterest people smile.

I walked back to the counter where Amy sat, still thinking what to say to me. I took a seat next to her and smoothed out my blue skirt, the uniform Aunt Mavis made. It was very 50-ish which went well with the restaurant because it was 50's themed but not the whole white and red thing, it was blue instead of red. Not much of a difference but the place was still pretty nice and a big tourism attraction. Especially now with this big popular band coming to town. 

"I got it!" She finally said flipping her long red hair into my face.

"What?" I said spitting out her locks.

"Just because your a debby-downer on One Direction doesn't mean you need to rub off all your bitterness on me! I love them!"

I looked at her then rolled my eyes, "You have no taste! All they sing about is how 'beautiful' girls are or about 'kissing' them. That's not music!"

She pouted her lips again, "And your music is music?"

I nodded proudly, "I sure think so. Aunt Mavis is right, I did take a lot after my mom and I guess my dad. She said that he loved music and got his big break before my mom found out about me."

Amy sighed, "Awe yes, one of the biggest romantic love stories in this whole town! Stop rubbing in your amazing life! I mean come on, my parents met at the dairy marker but yours! They met magically on the beach at a summer bomb fire! When their eyes met, it was destiny!"

"Don't forget about the part where he left, Amy. At least your dad is still around."

Amy took my hand in hers, "You always got me darling. Remember, our mothers were best friends and now we are and our children will be! Or maybe I will have a girl and you will have a boy and they can get married! That way, we can be related!"

I laughed, "We already are. We are soul sisters!"

We both laughed for a couple seconds then we watched as Lindsey and Drake left, hand in hand. I went to their table where I picked up my very nice tip and cleaned up their mess. I heard Amy rumbling around the restaurant, cleaning up the last few things before she took off.

"Okay, darling, I must be going now. I will see you in the morning." She gave me a hug goodbye then skipped out to her beaten down red van that belonged to her grandpa. I laughed as I watched her struggle to get into the van with the weight of her blue poodle skirt.

As she pulled out of the drive, I went back to my cleaning. Looks like it was just me and the cook, Brandie. Brandie was a good friend of my Aunt's but she didn't like me very much so I was basically on my own until Mavis got here in about an hour. She also owned two bakery's in this town. She was a very good business women.

It seemed like forever until the bell on the door rang meaning someone one here. Today was Sunday, mostly everybody in town was at home having a nice family meal after church before they all sat around to watch TV before heading back to church for the youth programs. Something I always looked forward too.

I walked out from the back to see six men standing in the door way. Most of them looked around my age, maybe a couple years older but one man stuck out the most. He looked to be in his mid thirties, early forties. He had black hair with blue eyes that seemed to stick out of his head, in a good way. He smiled at me.

"Hello, girly. I was just wondering if a Mavis Love was here?" He asked in a almost southern accent.

I shook my head then added, "Aunty wont be here for another thirty minutes. Can i help you with anything?"

The man gave me a long hard stare then said, "You know what? We would like to use your services. A booth for six please?"

One of the youngest looking guys perked up, "Dallas, I'm not eating here! This food could effect me in the long run. I want to o back to the hotel!"

"Oh shut up Harry, this place seems nice!" Another guy said with bleach blonde hair. He gave me a wink and a smile. That's when it hit me who these people were.

"Wait! You guys are that one band... Hmm let me think... Amy just said your name! Oh yes, One Direction!"

The boy named Harry spoke again, "Yeah sorry, no autographs or pictures today. We are a little run down!"

"From what? Flying from London in first class just to sing for a little small town and girls like me? Well sorry to burst your bubble but I wouldn't want an autograph from you even if someone would pay me a million bucks for it!" I smiled at him then grabbed six menus. "Right this way!"

As I walked ahead of them I could hear someone say, "I'm going to like this girl!" A little smiled crossed my face but I made sure I had a straight face when I sat them at the table.




I was in the back refilling some of the drinks for the guys when I heard a scream, a girl scream, from the front. I ran out forgetting about the drinks. I stopped behind the counter to see my Aunt. Her face was paler than a ghost. She looked at the guy named Dallas then looked at me. Her face seemed to go even more white, almost the color white on dead people.

"Aunty, are you okay?" I asked walking over to her. I grabbed a chair to have her sit in.

I eased her down while Dallas came up behind me. He smoothed out her super blonde hair and gave her a concern look.

"Dallas. Long time no see." She said in a unrecognized voice.

"Mavis, I really need to talk to you." He said.

My Aunt gave me a look, "Fiona, honey. How about you take off. Maybe you can show the band around?"

Dallas nodded, "I think that would be a great idea. Guys! This is Fiona Love, she is going to show you around. You guys know the rules. Fiona, have fun!"

I wanted to protest. There was no way I was going to spend the rest of my night showing this band I don't even like around the town. especially this Harry guy who has been giving me grief for ever little thing I did. I think Brandie was hating him even more than me today which was kind of a blessing. I almost said something but before I could, the boy with a bleach blonde hair whose name was Niall put his arm around me.

"This is going to be a lot of fun, Fiona!" He laughed.

The other guys hooted along with him but Harry. He sat in the booth with arms crossed. I knew I wasn't going to like this guy. His wanna be bad boy act was already getting under my skin and of course, he was Amy's favorite guy in the band. Great. Just great!




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