Being Simon Cowell's Daughters

The 3 beautiful girls of Simon Cowell went to live with Simon after their mom died. No one knew Simon was a father, but they'll soon find out. Will his daughters turn out to be as mean as him? But Simon was like another person to his 3 daughters, he spoiled them. What happens when the boys of One Direction find out? What happens when others find out? Will the secret be out before Simon could annouce it to the world? And what happens when they fall for each other? Read to find out!


2. Writing the Song and Starbucks Trouble

Everyone got to the recording in an uncomfortable silence that sent almost all of them into shivers. Madison, being the first one to get to the door, opened it and let her other 2 sisters in. She let go of the glass door making the Louis and Zayn bump into the door hitting their heads. Harry, Niall and Liam, being behind them, stopped.

"What the hell was that for?" Zayn screamed, looking at his reflection in the mirror.

"I opened the door and I closed it." Madison shrugged and sat on the couch near by. Her younger sisters followed her and also sat on the couch making the boys stand as they thought about their new song.

"I got something!" Zayn said out loud making everyone to look at him.

"You suck, you suck, I rock." Zayn sang making the other boys laugh while the girls just glared at him.

Just as Sabrina was gonna make a comeback, Simon walked into the room.

"Before you guys start, I want you all to get to know each other for a month. And then we'll start the song. Both of your albums were out last month so we don't need to rush into it." He said clearly and they all nearly fainted at their miserable fate.

Everyone made their way to Starbucks so they could get to know each other better. But nothing's going as planned as Louis argued that he wasn't a girl in a guy's body.

"Your clothes are girly. Like who wears red pants? And you sound femine." Sabrina spat as they all got in Starbucks. Louis' face turned bright red with anger, and probably embarrassment.

"Yeah, be embarrassed." Madison said as she took out her wallet to pay for her and her sister's drinks. The boys thought that Madison had paid for theirs too so they waited to get their drinks. The girls had a big smirk on their faces when the boys took their drinks.

"SECURITY!" One of the workers yelled as the big guys came and took One Direction by the arms.

"What happened?" Ashley asked innocently.

"They didn't pay for their drinks." The worker named Ella said. The boys face palmed at how stupid they were thinking Madison was nice enough to buy them drinks.

Liam digged through his pocket and got out 20 dollars for their drinks. He handed it to the girl as she nodded smiling at the money. The security let go of them and they followed the girls out of Starbucks. Little did they know... that wasn't the last of it.

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