Being Simon Cowell's Daughters

The 3 beautiful girls of Simon Cowell went to live with Simon after their mom died. No one knew Simon was a father, but they'll soon find out. Will his daughters turn out to be as mean as him? But Simon was like another person to his 3 daughters, he spoiled them. What happens when the boys of One Direction find out? What happens when others find out? Will the secret be out before Simon could annouce it to the world? And what happens when they fall for each other? Read to find out!


1. Rumors

The rumors were spreading quickly in the Syco Record building. Now, almost everyone in the building knew what MSA were capable of. MSA, the band that everyone loved, adored. Madison, Sabrina and Ashley. Everyone just thought they were just another money machine for Simon but little did they know... MSA weren't that nice as everyone thought, people who complained about them to Simon would always get fired at the end. They never knew why. And they were too scared to know.

"So why did Simon call us here?" Niall Horan from the biggest boyfriend One Direction asked. It wasn't his first time asking, everytime his bandmates replied, he was always not paying attention. Being there first time in the brand new building that was built, they had be going in circles for about 10 minutes. Liam, being the responsible one, looked around for people to ask where Simon's office was.

Madison, Sabrina and Ashley were all chatting by the elevator when the boys came up to them.

"Umm excuse us but do..." Before Liam could finish the Madison cut him out.

"What do you want?" She asked. Liam looked up from the ground and looked at his favorite band. Shocked, he looked back at the ground hearing Sabrina whispering "pathetic" to Ashley.

"Oh hell no." Louis snapped at the 3 girls. Everyone was surprised to know that they were such spoiled brats. The girls just chuckled and got in the elevator with the boys.

"Looking for Simon's office?" Ashley asked taking a sip of her Vanilla Bean Frappucino. Harry nodded as they got to the highest level. They followed the 3 girls since they were all going to Simon's office.

As they got to the door, Madison didn't even bother knocking the door.

"What have I said about knocking the door people!" Simon said loudly letting his voice echo through the room. His back was facing them as he said those words. LouIs, Zayn, Niall and Harry wore a smirk on their face thinking they will be punished for not knocking while Liam's still embarrassed about earlier.

Simon turned around and saw that it was his daughters who opened the door. He dropped the subject of the door making the boys' jaws drop while the 3 sisters just stood there smirking.

The 3 girls made themselves comfortable right away by plopping down on the couch. The boys still stood there with their jaw opened.

"So what did you need us here for?" Ashley spoke for the first time that afternoon.

"I just thought maybe the both bands could collabrate on a song together. And if it turns out great, you could also make a music video." Simon said proud of his brilliant idea. But he didn't know that some of the band members already hate each other.

"NO!" Louis, Zayn and Madison yelled at the same time. Simon raised his eyebrow at what he was hearing.

"And why not?" He asked.

Both bands stayed quiet knowing that they didn;t exactly have a reason not to. Simon smiled and told them to start on the song.


A/N: Sorry I keep making new fanfics but I just felt I really needed to write this one! So tell me what you think about this and if I should continue it or not. Love you guys ~Melanie

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