Amore And Pizza

Hey, I'm Avery. I thought I had it figured out, ya know? I thought I had distinguished the difference between love and imagination. I was SO sure that no one could ever love me. Especially someone so extraordinary like Niall. But for once in my sob story of a life, I WANTED to be proven wrong. But I was right. Again.


3. Status Quo

     I woke up to the sound of my dad singing in the bathroom down the hall.

     "I'm startin' with the man in the mirror...." I laughed as he recited his favorite Michael Jackson song. And to top of his Hollywood-worthy performance, he would sure to be using my hairbrush as a microphone, trying to imitate the moon walk. That is my daddy. He really should be put in a rubber room.

     "Ugh," I groaned. I reached over to the small table beside my bed and reached for my phone. One unread message.

     Morning ;) see you at school today

     I rolled my eyes. Morning Harry. See ya at school.

     Setting my phone down, I threw off my blankets, stood up, and stretched, yawning as far as my jaws could stretch. I went to my dresser to find an outfit for the day. My personality didn't give much room for wanting to impress people, but today I found a surprising urge to look good. 

     It was Wednesday, my second day at Denver Memorial High. I couldn't get yesterday out of my head. Niall and Harry. No matter how longed I stayed here I know I will never forget those names.

     After throwing around all of my recently unpacked clothes, I finally decided on my favorite blue cami with a dark denim jacket, white skinny jeans, and my favorite strappy sandals. When my dad finished his concert, I went to the bathroom and curled my hair. I always liked my hair. It never gave me much trouble, and I loved the dark chocolate color. With the curls in place, my hair cascaded down my shoulders, reaching the spot between my shoulder blades. I decided on just mascara and lip gloss because foundation always looked too fake on me. I glared profusely at the pimple on the side of my temple. Thankfully it was the only one but, still, it was annoying. 

     When I was satisfied, I went to the kitchen to find something for breakfast. Oranges were pretty much my daily breakfast, which was probably why I don't get sick much. Our kitchen was smaller than our last house, with an island in the middle that took up most of the space. Our fridge was a small, white one with the fridge part on top and the freezer on bottom. What little food was in there was leftovers from various welcoming neighbors, and McDonald's. I grabbed an orange and sat on a stool by the island. I peeled it and thought what today would be like. I hope the teachers wouldn't mind that I didn't do my homework. Please, I thought to myself. If Armageddon happened it still wouldn't be a worthy excuse for not doing your homework. I took out my Iphone and played Temple Run while I ate my breakfast.

     My dad's footsteps echoed in the hall. It sounded as if he was pacing. "Aves, have you seen my sunglasses?" He called from somewhere in the house. "I was just holding them!" My dad lost things all the time, and usually they were on his head, or he was holding them. My dad came stomping into the kitchen, looking every which way, ducking around furniture, and even looked in the fridge.

     "Daddy," I sighed, "they're on your head." I shook my head and laughed.

     He raised his hand and patted the top of his head. "Oh, right. I knew that. Anyways, I'm off to work and won't be able to pick you up again." I groaned. He wagged a finger at me. "Hey, now!You need to exercise a little if you wanna get on that soccer team." We laughed and he tousled my hair.

     "Daddy! I just curled my hair. Ugh!" I pouted and punched him in the arm playfully.

     "I'm sorry! Wouldn't want you to look all un-glamorous and what not for your curly-haired boyfriend." I blushed and hit him again. Harder. He pouted and rubbed his arm. "I'll see you later, Aves." He kissed me on the forehead and turned to walk out the door. "Just remember my policy, okay?" I nodded and watched him leave.


     The policy.

     I thought it was sweet that my dad was so protective, but guys nowadays just don't handle it the way he did with my mom. His "policy" was that if any guy was interested in me, he had to come to my dad and ask for permission to date me. That's the way he did it with my mom, and that's how he wants it done for me. I would die for a guy that agreed to that. It would be so cute. But who would? I really wanted the same type of relationship my parents had. They dated in high school, and stayed together until they got married. And they both only dated each other. They were each other's "last first kiss". That's what I wanted.

     I was awakened from my day-dreaming when my phone vibrated.

     hey its Niall, were almost there. I grinned widely and ran to get my bag. I opened the door just as Zayn's car pulled up. His car was a black '68 camaro with glossy paint and leather seats. The engine roared when Zayn pressed the gas. I waved and Kalley got out the passenger side.

     "Hey!" Kalley ran up to me and gave me a hug. We walked to the car together and she put down the seat so I could crawl back to sit by Niall.

     "Hey, nice ride Zayn."

     Zayn smiled. "Camile's a beauty, isn't she?"

     I laughed. "You named your car Camile?"

     "It's an untamed obsession," Kalley rolled her eyes. "The thing's junk."

     Zayn gasped. "She didn't mean that Camile," he rubbed the dashboard. "She's just jealous."

     "Oh, please," Kalley frowned. "Can we get going now?" Zayn smirked and pulIed away from my curb. I gave my new house one last look before turning to Niall. 

     "Hey." I smiled.

     He smiled a wide smile. "Hi. How's moving in?"

     "We have a lot of boxes laying everywhere, it doesn't quite feel like home yet." 

     "Avery, if I come over on Friday, I could help you unpack. I love decorating!" Kalley turned in her seat to look at me. I smiled at her and told her that'd be great.

     "She really has a talent for it, Avery," Niall told me.

     "She has a talent for everything," Zayn added, giving Kalley a wink.

     Kalley hit his arm. "You're such a flirt," she giggled. Niall pointed to his throat, mimicking gagging motions. I snorted. "Oh you guys are just jealous!" Niall and I shared a look. He cleared his throat and looked away.

     "So how far away are we from hell?"

     Zayn laughed. "Oh, about five seconds." I looked outside to see he was right. The parking lot was just coming into view. Zayn pulled the Camaro up to the front door. "I'll let you guys out while I go find a parking spot. I usually have to beat someone up for one." He laughed. I hoped he was kidding.

     Kalley got out, pulling her seat down to let Niall and I climb out. Niall started to walk inside. I turned to Kalley. "You comin' Kalley?" I hollered over the roar of the engine.

     She shook her head. "No you go on ahead!" I nodded as she climbed in and slammed the door. The car peeled away. I turned towards the doors and ran in behind Niall. We both headed towards my locker.

     "I'll be right back. I'm gonna go get my books from my locker." Niall grinned that grin of his and walked away.

     I watched him walk until he was out of sight. Sighing, I opened my locker and put my bag inside. I reached for my books when a piece of paper fell from the top shelf. On the piece of paper was written in black sharpie. TURN AROUND.

     I raised one eyebrow and turned around. And there he was. His green eyes glinted when our eyes met. I saw his dimples appear as he smiled with delight. Harry. He walked up to me and leaned against one of the lockers next to mine. I giggled when he nearly fell over.

     "Hey Harry."

     "Hey Avery." He winked. I blushed and looked to my right. I noticed other girls walking by with furious looks on their faces. Another girl saw us and immediately started texting. Were they jealous? Why did I feel a twinge of satisfaction?

     I looked back at Harry. "So, you put the note in my locker?"

     "I think that one is pretty obvious," his curly hair bounced when he laughed. "I was wondering if you wanted to sit with me at lunch." He grinned widely I was kinda surprised. His green eyes looked at me with a glint I hadn't seen yet: hope. Was he hoping that I would say yes? I wanted to say yes, but what about my other friends?

     "I want to Harry, but I made other friends yesterday, and I was going to sit with them..." The glint in his eyes disappeared. Was he disappointed? "Well, what if you join us?" This time his eyes looked uneasy. Did I say something wrong?

     "I have a feeling I won't be welcome." Just then Niall came back. "I'll catch ya later, Avery." He winked at me and turned to leave.

     "What the heck was that all about?" Niall asked. He looked furious. That was strange.

     I shook my head. "Nothing. I'll tell you about it at lunch." He looked at me funny but nodded. We walked to Writing in silence. When we got to the class I walked in and sat by Kalley without a word. Something told me that I wouldn't be eating at lunch today.




     The rest of the morning passed too quickly. For some reason, I was nervous to go to lunch. I hadn't seen Harry or Niall since this morning, which was both a disappointment and a relief. Kalley and I were talking about plans this weekend while we were in line.

     "...Zayn could give us a ride to your house, and I'll just pack a duffel bag and bring it to school."

     "Yeah sure." I wasn't paying much attention to what she was saying. I was too distracted. We both headed outside and sat at the same table we did yesterday. Niall and Zayn followed right after. I could feel his blue eyes on my face. Why was I so nervous? I have only known everyone for two days! I can go wherever I wanted and be friends with whoever, so why did I have to explain?

     "Avery is friends with Harry." Kalley and Zayn looked up in surprise.

    "Yeah I am. So what? I met him at Pizza Hut yesterday and he paid for me. It was nice." I looked at all of them in turn. Kalley looked nervous. Zayn looked disapproving. Niall looked, well, he looked mad. Was he jealous?

     "Avery, Harry is a senior. Plus, he's popular. Our groups don't mix." 

     "Is there some kind of school rule that says I can't be friends with different people?" 

     "An unspoken one",Zayn answered. I can't believe I was hearing this.

     "And if I broke that rule?"

     "Well, no one's ever tried. It's not like you're going to get in trouble. But in this school, everyone just kind of knows their place." Kalley explained. So what? I was supposed to stop being friends with Harry so I wouldn't break the status quo? Well if that was the way things worked around here, things were gonna change.

     "Well it looks like it's time to shake things up." I said grinning. Kalley, Zayn, and Niall looked at me with awe. "I'll be right back." I left them there in shock and started looking for him. His curls were a dead give-away. I smiled and approached the table he was at. There were two girls in hot pants and tank-tops laughing with Liam and Louis. Harry was laughing but didn't really look included. I sat next to him and elbowed him. "Hey."

     He looked both surprised and happy. "Hey! What are you doing here?"

     "Breaking the status quo." I grinned at him and grabbed his hand. "Come on." The girls, Liam, and Louis looked upset as I left, with Harry in tow.

     "Where are we going, Avery?"

     "You'll see." I reached the table where Kalley, Zayn and Niall looked at me like I just murdered someone. "Since you all are so afraid to mingle, I thought I would do it for you. Harry, this is Kalley, Zayn, and Niall. Kalley, Zayn, and Niall, this is Harry. He's gonna sit with us." I sat down and patted the spot to my right. Harry sat hesitantly. There were a couple seconds of awkwardness before Kalley saved the day.

     "So, Harry, you play soccer too, right?" Kalley asked. I mouthed "thanks" to her. She smiled.

     "Uh, yeah, I do. I guess I will get to know you some more Niall." He smiled at Niall, trying to be nice. Niall wouldn't make eye contact. I glared at him. What was his problem?

     Kalley and I continued small chat with Harry. Kalley eventually got Zayn to talk a little, but Niall never said anything. I was right, I never touched my lunch. Harry and I got up to leave. I said goodbye to Kalley and Zayn. I looked one last time at Niall, who didn't even look up. Honestly. Was there some history between them I didn't know about? Harry tried to bring him in the conversation once or twice, but not once did he reply. Normally I hated it when someone was left out. But this time, I was mad at Niall for being so mean.

     "Avery, I don't think I should sit there anymore."

     "Don't worry about Niall, he's just immature. I think you just need to keep trying, he'll open up eventually." I think I was saying this to convince myself more than Harry. He didn't seem too convinced.

     "It's okay. You tried. I think that was really brave of you. Maybe we can hang out another time.Get us some cheese pizza with ranch." He winked and walked away.

     "Harry..." I watched him leave. What did I expect? Everyone would just become friends, hold hands and sing "Kum Bah Yah"? Yeah, right. But there was a time and place for everything. The time was now. And the place was Denver Memorial High. They better watch out, Avery Jackson was in town.

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