Amore And Pizza

Hey, I'm Avery. I thought I had it figured out, ya know? I thought I had distinguished the difference between love and imagination. I was SO sure that no one could ever love me. Especially someone so extraordinary like Niall. But for once in my sob story of a life, I WANTED to be proven wrong. But I was right. Again.


9. Sisters

     I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. It took me a second to realize that it was the next day:Tuesday. Reaching for my phone, I gasped at the pain that shot up my legs. They were incredibly sore. I looked at the caller ID. It read:Niall. I grinned and answered.


     "Sleeping Beauty awakes. You fell asleep in like seconds! I carried you in again, hope you don't mind." I didn't know what to think of that. But I knew what to feel. Excitement.

     "No I don't mind."

     "Good. So anyways, I called becuase Zayn is sick and Kalley is riding with her mom. Do you wanna walk?''  My heart pounded at the thought. I nodded yes, then realized he couldn't see that.

      "Okay sure."

      "I'll be there in a little bit."

      "Okay. See ya then." I hung up and raced to the bathroom. My dad was in there. "Daddy, get out! I need to get in there now! Daddy!"

      "I'm comin', hold your horses!" I listened in agony as he finally finished whatever he was doing and opened the door. He took his sweet time moving out of the way, obviously delighted at my frustration. "Am I annoying you?"

     "Extremely." I walked in without a word and shut the door behind me. I heard my dad grumble something about teenagers. I hopped in the shower and tried to rinse off as fast as I could. Quickly brushing my hair and teeth I realized I needed to find something to wear. I ran in my room in only the beige towel wrapped around me. I decided on a blue, purple, and pink plaid shirt with a pink cami underneath, blue skinny jeans, and my uggs. "Perfect."

     I got a text from Niall saying he'd be here in like 5 minutes. I rushed to the bathroom to put on some mascara and lip gloss, then quickly used some mousse to tousle my hair.

     I ran to the kitchen just as I heard a knock on the door. "I'll be right there." I said goodbye to my dad and grabbed my bag as I walked out the door. Niall was standing there with his bag hanging off one shoulder. He was wearing simple black converse and a Nike "Just Do It" shirt. 

     "Hey. Are you nervous about the sign-up sheets?" I gasped at his question. I hadn't even thought about that. What if I didn't make the soccer team? What if I didn't make the volleyball team. What about choir? What if I didn't make any of them?!

     "Crap. I didn't even think of that." 

     Niall must've noticed my anxiety because he laughed and grabbed my hand. A shiver ran through me when he did that. "Avery, you couldn't NOT be on the teams! Especially soccer! You were awesome!"

     "Thanks. Will you come with me to look?"

     "Well yeah! I have to make sure coach put you on first string!" I laughed. 

     We got to school and headed straight for the gym. I saw a bunch a people looking at pieces of white paper taped to the wall. Some people were jumping up and down, others nearly blowing up in anger, one girl was even crying. Still holding Niall's hand we walked up to the one for volleyball first. The list was written with everybody's name, and by their name if they made the team. If they did, they were supposed to attend a short practice tonight. I started at the top and traced my finger down until I found my name. By it said the word "yes". Yes! I'm on the team. I looked down more to find Kalley's name. She made it too. "I made it." I turned to Niall who was grinning at me.

     "I knew you would. Let's go look at the soccer one." I drew a deep breath and nodded. He squeezed my hand and led me over to the sheet. I saw Olivia there looking at it.

     "Did you make it Olivia?"

     She turned and looked at me. "Yep. Second string." I smiled and congradulated her as she walked away. My turn. I searched for my name, then what it said about the team. "Avery Jackson.......First string". Holy crap. I made first string.

     "Avery! You made flippin' first string!" We both started jumping up and down in happiness. I couldn't believe it! My face started to cramp because I couldn't stop smiling. I realized many people were looking at us. Well more like our hands, which were still entwined. Niall noticed too, and took his hand away. My heart sank. Niall got very awkward. "Well, I'm glad you're on the team Avery. I'm gonna go on ahead to Writing. See ya then."

     I glared at the back his stupid blonde head. Why did he have to be so shy? Why couldn't he be open like Harry? Oh well, I thought. I made my way to the choir room, hoping I didn't sing to Niall for nothing.



     I met up with Kalley as she was making her way to the choir room. "You made it Avery? Yay! I wish the sheet had told us if we were JV or varsity! I'm sure we will be varsity. But yay! And I bet Niall is super happy that you're on the soccer team." She elbowed me and grinned.

     "I'm not so sure about that..."

     "Why? What happened?" I told her about the incident. What bugged me the most was that he looked embarassed to be seen with me. "Avery, you just gotta wait a little. Niall is shy, and you've barely known each other for a week. Don't worry it's gonna happen between you two. I can see it." She then got a serious look on her face and whispered. "With my psychic abilities." She tapped her head to emphasize. I laughed.

     "Okay sure Psychic Jaroe. Let's see if we made it." We walked into the choir room into a bunch of other people surrounding what I guessed was the sign. We had to stand on our tiptoes and look over other people's heads. But I saw it clearly. Avery Jackson:YES. I heaved a sigh of relief and grinned at Kalley. "Whew. I thought I sang a song to Niall for nothing!" Kalley and I both laughed.

     "Please, there was no way we weren't going to be in choir. We're amazing!" We both laughed again and headed towards Writing. I hooked my arm through Kalley's.

     "So Zayn is sick?"

     "Yeah. My poor boo-bear has the flu." She pouted. "I'm going to go over and bring him some soup after volleyball. My mom's picking me up. Do you want a ride?"


     We walked into our class. I let Kalley go ahead so I could find Niall. He was sitting in his usual spot, the table right next to mine. I sat down at my table and turned to him. "Hey."

     He looked at me and smiled. "Hey. Did you make it?" I nodded. "Great." We smiled at each other. Then Mr.Gordon started speaking. Oh how I loved interruptions.






     I got my lunch of a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich and made my way to our usual table. I realized just how much had changed in one week. New house, new school, new friends, new almost-boyfriend. Soccer, volleyball, choir, I'm never going to get time to breathe! I walked to our table. Like yesterday, I was the last one there. Other than Zayn everyone was sitting the same as yesterday. I sat by Niall again. Noticing Harry's look. Whatever look it was, I couldn't decide.

     "Hey Avery. Or should I say , soccer, volleyball and choir star?" Louis commented. I snorted.

     "You should. I'm a beast. I beat Harry." Louis,Liam and Kalley started to laugh. Harry faked a hurt look. Niall kind of just sat there.

     "You still gonna have time for our football game Friday night?Liam asked. I nodded.

     "Kalley and I have volleyball Tuesdays and Thursdays, and soccer is on Mondays and Wednesdays."


     "You're still riding with me, uh, all of us in Louis' car, right?" I looked in shock at Harry, who hadn't said a thing since I sat down. "You were going to ride with me, Louis and Liam to Pizza Hut and back." I totally forgot about that little detail. I looked at Niall, who wouldn't say a thing. Fine. I wasn't dating him anyways. I didn't have to be with him all the time.

     "Oh, yeah, definitely. Sorry Kalley." I looked at her. But she didn't look mad. Gosh, she was an awesome friend.

     "That's okay. I'll just be stuck with my Zayn and Niall over here." She turned to fluff his hair. 

     He smiled. "As long as you guys don't make out the whole time." Everybody laughed as Kalley turned as red as her hair.

     We spent the next half hour talking about our plans and homecoming. 

     "Who are you going with Liam?" I asked.

     "Well, thanks to you, I've been talking to this girl Carey who is in my English class. Other than the fact that she likes school, we have a lot in common. I probably never would have talked to her if it wasn't for you, Avery." I blushed.

     "I'm happy for you Liam. What about you, Louis?"

     Louis laughed. "If ya want to go with me, Avery, all you have to do is say so." I blushed even more, much to Louis' delight. Harry frowned at him, while Niall glared.

     "Uh, no, sorry. Not exactly what i meant."

     "Oh well, if that's the case, I'm thinking about getting back together with my ex Gabrielle."

     "Gabrielle? Really Louis? She puts the 'rat' in 'brat'." I laughed at Kalley's statement. I asked her who that was. "She's the girl that was a snob at volleyball." I gasped at Louis.


     "What?!" We all laughed at his expression. Boys.

     "What about you then Avery?" My mouth dropped. I didn't know what to say. Kalley saved me.

     "No one has asked her yet. But they will." She looked not-so-subtly at Niall. Liam and Louis oohed while Harry stayed silent. Niall and I blushed.

      "Thanks Kalley."

      "No problem." She smiled, which infuriated me.

      The rest of lunch was followed by an awkwardness only broken by Harry's sudden departure. "I'll see ya guys later. Good luck with volleyball Avery." He smiled then turned and walked out of sight. I noticed Liam elbow Louis as they gave each other a smirk. Weird.




     I walked into the locker room with Kalley. I wore a pair of soccer shorts today and old t-shirt that once belonged to my mom.

     "So what are we supposed to do today?"

     "Apparently we will get our positions on either JV or varsity, then have practice like normal."

     "I hope we are on varsity." Kalley nodded. We walked out into the gym and sat on the bleachers. I looked at the other girls who were sitting around us. I saw Gabrielle, who caught my eyes and glared. Well then.

     "Alright, girls. Listen up." We all turned to look at Ms.Carr, the varsity coach. "I'm going to read off your names if you are on varsity, and what position you're playing." I listened as she read off people's names. "Avery Jackson, setter ,Kalley Jaroe, right-hitter..." I looked at Kalley and squealed with her. She finshed reading the names. "Varsity, let's start warming up while Julianne takes over for JV." We did our conditioning-which was brutal-and started peppering. After a couple minutes, Ms.Carr told us to sit down and form a circle. "Well, girls, watching you all yesterday I've decided where you're going to be. Can I have everyone stand in their spot please?" We all got into our places. I noticed Gabrielle was playing as left-hitter. I thought she was a setter like me. "Let's just work on scrimmaging a little, remember rotations!" I thought we did really well getting the ball under control, and I was glad that my sets worked out. I set to both Kalley and Gabrielle, trying to be fair. Hopefully she won't be so rude. Ms.Carr, or Sally, as she wants us to call her, had us do some more excercises just to get familiar with everybody. Practice went by really fast, and before I knew it, we were getting picked up by Kalley's mom.

     "Hi Avery." Ms.Jaroe said from the driver's seat. Kalley and I got in the back of her car. It was a really nice red Chevy Impala.

     "Hi Ms.Jaroe."

     "How did volleyball go?"

     "Good." Kalley and I answered at the same time. We both laughed.

     Ms.Jaroe pulled in front of my house. "Here ya go, Avery."

    "Would you like to come in real quick? I think we have coffee." Kalley elbowed me, grinning. I figured my dad would love me if I invited her inside to have coffee.

     "Sure, that would be nice." We all got out and went into my house.

     "Daddy! Ms.Jaroe and Kalley are here!" I called out, hoping he would be home. I heard my dad walk down the hallway into the kitchen where we were.

     "Well hello. This is a surprise." My dad walked over to shake Ms.Jaroe's hand. Always so formal. "Nice to see you here, Sarah."

     Ms.Jaroe smiled. "It is. Avery invited us in for some coffee. Do you have some?" My dad turned to look at me. I saw the enormous thank you in his eyes. 

      "We do."

      "Daddy, Kalley and I will just be in my room." I pulled Kalley down the hall into my room.

      We broke into laughter. "O my gosh, Avery! I can't believe you set that up! We're going to become like sisters!" We started laughing again.

      "It sure looks that way doesn't it?" We hung out in my room jamming to some good ol' One Direction until her mom came to get her. "See ya Kalley! Tell Zayn I said to feel better."

      "Okay! Bye!" I shut the door behind them and joined my dad on the couch.

      "Soooooo, how was talking to Ms.Jaroe?" My dad wold not stop smiling.

      "Your mom was the last person to make me feel like that."


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