Amore And Pizza

Hey, I'm Avery. I thought I had it figured out, ya know? I thought I had distinguished the difference between love and imagination. I was SO sure that no one could ever love me. Especially someone so extraordinary like Niall. But for once in my sob story of a life, I WANTED to be proven wrong. But I was right. Again.


11. Not Another Connor


     "Avery!" I heard Kalley call my name as we walked into Pizza Hut. I walked over to her. They were all sitting at a large booth for all 7 of us. Kalley was sitting by a window with Zayn on the outside. Liam took the spot next him. I think Liam and Zayn are getting along really well. I slid in next to Niall on the other side of the table. Louis went to sit on my right, but Harry put an arm out in front of him.

     Harry chuckled. "Nice try, man." He slid in next to me while Louis grumpily sat on Harry's right. I realized I was still wearing Harry's coat. I pulled it off and handed it to him.

     "Did you guys order?" Liam asked.

     Zayn nodded. "One cheese, one pepperoni, and one sausage."

     "Dibbs on cheese." Niall, Harry and I said at the exact same time. I'm not kidding. We looked at each other and laughed.

     "Oh, guys, guees what happened?" I said.

     "Liam asked out Carey." Kalley answered. My mouth dropped open.

     "You seriously are a psychic. Yeah, that's what happened." Niall, Zayn and Kalley gave their personal congrats to Liam. 

     Zayn and Liam left to get our pizzas after our order number was called. "Wasn't I paying?" Louis asked.

     "I think the proper question should be, where did my wallet go?" Kalley said, on the verge of laughing.

     "You did not."

     "We did. you'll get it back in a sec." Niall, Kalley, Harry and I laughed hysterically. Louis glared at Kalley. Zayn and Liam came back, already laughing.

     Liam tossed Louis' wallet to him. "You really shouldn't leave it out in the open in the locker room. Someone might steal it." We all bursted into another fit of laughter.

     "Very funny, guys." 

     Wiping my eyes I went straight for the cheese pizza. "Alright, let's eat." Everyone grabbed a piece of their choice. "Whoa,wait. Where's the ranch? We have to have ranch!" Harry laughed.

     "Let's go get some. We need drinks too."

     "I'll come with, we'll get everyone a drink." Niall said. Louis stood to let us out. "What does everyone want?"

     "Kalley and I will have Dr.Pepper." Zayn said.

     "I'll have Coke," Liam replied.

     "Mountain Dew, please. Wait, do I need to give you my wallet again?" I shook my head and laughed. Niall, Harry and I walked over to the counter with drinks and condiments.

     "Get a lot of ranch, Harry." He nodded as he went to get some. Niall and I started filling everybody's cups. 

     "You and Harry are getting along really well tonight." Niall commented.

     "Yeah, I guess. Why?"

     He shrugged. "Just saying."

     "Oh." Just then, Harry came back, interrupting the awkward moment.

     "Here, let me take some." He grabbed Liam's drink out of my hand. With our arms full, we walked back to the table. We all sat down, giving everyone their respective drinks.

     "Well, now that Liam has a date, we have to figure out who's going with who." Kalley decided. She looked at Zayn pointedly.

     "What?" Zayn asked. Boys. They were clueless.

     "People here should be asking other people here if they wanted to go to homecoming with them." Zayn gave Kalley a blank stare before his eyes lit up.

     "Oh! Right, uh, Kalley, wanna go to homecoming with me?"

     "Hmm, I don't know. A lot of people have been asking..." All of us barely contained our laughter at Zayn's bewilderment.

     "Fine." Zayn knocked Liam out of the booth. He turned back to Kalley and got down on one knee. I could barely see his black hair poking above the table. Kalley Jaroe, will you please go to homecoming with me?" He gave a pouty face while Kalley contemplated. She really was milking the moment.

     "Sure." Kalley got up and leaped into Zayn's arms. He barely held onto her without falling back down. Everyone was laughing now and clapping. They kissed lightly and sat back down. "Well",Kalley said, her face red,"three down, four to go."

     "What? You mean us?" Harry asked.

     "Well duh!"

     "So Harry, who are you going with?" Harry looked down at his half-eaten pizza.

     "No one at the moment." As he said that I felt his foot brush mine.

     "Oh. Well Louis, Gabrielle's a no, so who else did ya have in mind?"

     "Avery is it still a no?" I felt my stomach drop and my temperature rise.

     "Uh, you're asking me?" I asked looking around Harry's stare into Louis' crisp blue eyes. He shrugged. 

     "Not really. Just seeing if I make you nervous. Apparently I do." He laughed. He was the only one. He was right. He does make me nervous. Louis seemed a little, how do I put it, scary? Maybe he was just a tease, but I would be lying if I said it didn't bother me. Niall found my hand and grabbed it. That made me relax a lot.

     "So Louis' going stag, along with Harry. So that just leaves Avery and Niall." Zayn said. Crap. As if this night could get anymore awkward. I saw Kalley briefly nudge Zayn with her elbow and shake her head.

     Niall answered first. "I haven't asked anyone yet." He maintained a perfect poker face while he said that. I felt Niall squeeze my hand, and on my other side I felt Harry relax a tad.

     I spoke up. "I haven't gotten asked, either. My dad has a rule about things like that. If you want to ask me, you have to ask my dad first for permission. It's really embarassing." I felt all six pairs of eyes on me, but I wouldn't meet them.

     "Thanks for the tip." Harry replied. He gave me one of his famous cheeky grins. I laughed and punched him on the arm. After that, the mood was light again.

     We spent another hour or so just sharing old stories and laughing until it hurt. No one brought up anything related to homecoming or dating afterwards. It was almost 9 when Louis stood up.

     "Should probably be leaving since I have to drop all of you guys off." Liam nodded as he, Harry and I got up to leave. Kalley got up and hugged me goodbye. 

     "I'll text ya in the morning, kay?"She whispered in my ear. I nodded. "Don't worry, Niall will ask you soon. Bye!" I told her bye as I waved to Zayn and Niall. I turned to follow Harry out the doors, but stopped when someone grabbed my hand.

     "I'll see ya later Avery." Niall said. He pulled me in for a hug. 

     "Bye, Niall." Without another word I turned and walked out the doors.

     I walked to the car and sat inside, not thanking Harry for again holding the door open. I don't get Niall. That was the perfect moment to ask me. But no.

     "You okay?" Harry asked as he slid in next to me. 


     We sat there awkwardly while Louis started the car. "So a guy has to ask your dad before they can ask you out?" I nodded.

     "It's embarassing, I know."

     "I don't think so." 

     I raised an eyebrow to him. "Really?"

     "Really." I looked into his eyes. He looked like he was telling the truth.

     "I might have had a boyfriend before, but he wouldn't ask my dad first. Said it was stupid." I remembered the time. "It was when I was 15. Only a year ago, but it felt like forever. I had lived in Ohio. His name was Connor. We had been friends since the first day I met him. I knew him for two months before he asked me out. When I told him about my dad's policy, he laughed and walked away. We moved the next week. He never even said goodbye." I felt fresh tears threaten to escape. I looked down at my hands that were in fists. I felt a warm hand unwrap my fist and hold it tightly.

     "That guy was an idiot. He didn't know what he was losing." 

     I turned to gaze in his eyes. "You mean that?" He nodded. 

     "Sorry to interrupt this extremely touching moment, but we're at your house, Avery." Leave it to Louis to have no class. I opened the door and walked out.

     "Bye!" Louis and Liam said in unision. I waved and turned to go into my house.

     "Avery, hold on a sec." Turning, I found myself staring up into the bright green eyes of Harry. "Look, I know that guy hurt you. He's stupid. But I'm hoping that you'll let me show I'm not another Connor."The tears I was desperately trying to hold back toppled over my bottom eyelids and cascaded down my face. "What did I say?" Harry asked. I laughed.

     "You didn't say anything wrong." I couldn't help myself. I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him. "Nothing wrong at all."



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