Amore And Pizza

Hey, I'm Avery. I thought I had it figured out, ya know? I thought I had distinguished the difference between love and imagination. I was SO sure that no one could ever love me. Especially someone so extraordinary like Niall. But for once in my sob story of a life, I WANTED to be proven wrong. But I was right. Again.


2. Just Cheese, Please

     So I suppose you should get to know a little bit more about me. Well, I Avery Aurora Jackson, am 5'6, weigh none of your business, have brown eyes, and long brown hair. I have freckles across my nose and cheekbones. My face was nothing special in my own eyes, but didn't every girl think that about themselves?

     As you have already found out, I love journalism. Writing was a way of telling people what you had to say, and getting paid to do it? I'm sold. I also was a complete nerd. I really had a love for school. I just like learning. I'm also the world's biggest procrastinator, which doesn't work out so well with homework.

     My hobbies were a mish mosh of volleyball, soccer, piano, and singing. My daddy told me my mom had all the same interests, and that she had a voice that made the birds cry. I wish I could have heard her. Or at least remembered what she sounded like.

     I had just barely walked in the door when my dad texted me and told me I would have to fend for myself for dinner. I knew where I had to go. Pizza Hut. I swear, pizza is the universal food for children with single parents who work all the time. My diet probably consisted of different fast-food places, school lunches, oranges, and yes, pizza. It was a God-given miracle I wasn't 600 pounds yet. But anyways, I looked up Pizza Hut's in Denver on my laptop. There was one about a mile from here. I grabbed my Iphone, texted my dad and told him where I was going, grabbed my jacket and headed out the door.


     When I got there, the place was packed. I was just going to buy a small one and eat the whole thing, but by the time I finally got to the counter, I was hungry enough for a large one. Oh, I forgot to mention I'm a pig. Which is probably a contributing factor to why I've never had a boyfriend. I eat more than most boys.

     I smiled at the cashier. "Just cheese, please."

     The cashier told me the price, while I reached into my pocket. And then my other pocket. And then my jacket pocket. Oh no. My money wasn't in there. I asked the cashier to wait while I checked any and every pocket I had. I checked each one a second time. My money was gone. Crap. "I'm sorry I can't seem to find my money." I apologized profusely to the cashier. He looked at me with an awkward and irritated look.

     "Why don't you come join us?" I turned to look at probably the last person I wanted to help me. I looked up into the bright green eyes of the curly haired pervert I saw earlier today. "Come sit with me and my friends."

     "You must be crazy if you think I'm gonna sit with you and your no good-"

     "You don't have any money though, right?" He interrupted. I pouted at that.

     "Well, I don't know..." I looked back at the cashier who was a little annoyed by me wasting his time. I looked back at the curly haired boy. I didn't even know his name yet. "What's your name?"

      "The name's Styles, Harry Styles." He grinned again and I couldn't help but notice the adorable dimples on his face.

      I sighed. "Fine." I started walking away from the counter. Harry smiled and put a hand on my back, steering me towards his table. I jumped at his touch. He laughed at my reaction.

     We stopped in front of a table where two guys in letter jackets were laughing. They looked up at us with a surprised look. "Hey guys, this is..." Harry looked at me quizzically. "What's your name?"

     I rolled my eyes. "Avery Jackson."

     Harry grinned, looking at me. "Avery Jackson." Harry looked back at his friends. "My new friend. She just moved here today."

     "Oh, I wouldn't say we're friends-"

    "Avery, this is Liam." He pointed to a boy with a shaved head and warm brown eyes. He smiled at me. "And this is Louis." He pointed to the guy sitting next to Liam. He had a lighter brown hair than both Harry and Liam, which was really tousled. He had a tan face and really blue eyes. He smiled at me too.

    "Wow, she's pretty Harry!" Louis said with a smirk on his face.

    "Thanks, Louis. Well anyways, she's gonna sit with us." He blushed and ushered me onto the other side of the booth by the wall, so I was sitting next to Harry and across from Louis. I tried to put as much distance as I could muster between me and Harry, but ended up being pushed against the wall while Harry and I sat thigh-to-thigh. Yay.

    "So Avery, where you from?" Liam asked.

    I shifted a little to face him. "Everywhere. My dad's a reporter and we move a lot. I lived in South Carolina before here."

    Harry smirked. "That's why your so tan." I blushed and bit my lip at his comment. "So, do you want some pizza?" Harry gestured to the pizza box in front of us on the table.

     "No I just came to Pizza Hut for the napkins." Louis snorted.

     "I'm taking that as a yes, sassy pants. Do you like just cheese?''

     "That's my favorite kind."

     Harry grabbed me a piece and put it on a napkin in front of me. "Do you like ranch with it?" I nodded and he moved a plastic container closer to me so it sat in between us. "I'm gonna go get drinks. Wanna come with?" I shrugged and followed him over to the soda fountain.

     Liam called after us. "Don't forget to get me Diet Coke!"

     Harry began filling Liam's glass with Diet Coke. I took Louis', filling it with Mountain Dew. I cleared my throat. "So, Harry, uh, why did you help me out? With the cashier, I mean."

     He shrugged. "Well, I thought I should make it up to you. The incident earlier..." He sighed. "Sometimes I'm really really stupid."  He looked away with a frown. A small smile tugged on my lips.

     "Harry..." He looked back at me. "Thanks. And I guess I'll forgive you." I smiled at him and he rolled his eyes.

     "Okay good." He grinned. We came back with our drinks and sat down. Again Harry sat right next to me, but I pretended to not notice as much. Louis and Liam shared smirk, and both acted like Zayn did earlier today when Niall said he walked me to class.

     Kalley, Niall, and Zayn all seemed to think Harry was a player. I could definitely understand the assumption. But he seemed nice enough now. Maybe they were wrong about him. I thought back to this afternoon. Maybe not.

    Despite what I heard about him, Harry was interesting. He seemed nice enough, maybe a little too forward for my taste, but still pretty cool. It helped that he was extremely hot. Come to think of it, all of the guys I had met today were extremely hot. Zayn was the mischievous bad-boy type, which oddly enough suited Kalley nicely. Liam was cute and down to earth. Louis was hilarious and witty. If you didn't understand his humor you might have thought he was a total jerk, although a very attractive jerk nonetheless. Niall was cute and sweet and shy and cute. And did I mention he was cute? Harry, on the other hand, was just plain hot. But yet he had a personality that intrigued me.

    Harry, Liam, Louis and I stayed there for about two hours eating pizza and talking. I found out that they were all seniors, and unbelievably cliché. Three most popular guys in school, all single, and Louis and Liam played football. Harry played on the soccer team instead. He didn't stop smiling and kept glancing at me. Louis was cunning, almost to the point where I squirmed under his gaze. He was also incredibly funny. He made us laugh so hard, soda came out of Harry's nose. He was really embarrassed but that just made us laugh even harder. Liam laughed a loud, youthful laugh that gave me the impression he loved life. He seemed to notice a lot and asked me a ton of questions about my life. It wasn't in a nosy way, but in a way that seemed as if he really cared. Which I think he did. Throughout it all I couldn't stop smiling. I made three more friends today.

     I looked at my phone and saw it was 8 already. I also noticed no texts from Niall. I pouted a little. I looked outside and saw it was getting dark. "I really should get going guys, I have to walk home." I looked at them all apologetically and started to get up.

     "We can drive you", Louis said happily. He glanced in Harry's direction with a smirk on his face. Subtle. I agreed and we all got up to leave. Louis' car was a silver volvo, which was definitely the nicest car I have ever been in. Liam rode shotgun, obviously so Harry could ride in the back with me. He opened the door for me and I got inside. He came around the back and climbed in through the other door. Instead of sitting by the door like I was, Harry got in the middle and put his arm on the top of the seat, not on my shoulders but it was close enough. It made me very uncomfortable. He must have noticed because the glint in his eyes disappeared, and he pulled his arm back.

      "I hope you like music, Avery!", Louis shouted and cranked up some pop station. The song blasting was "Thrift Shop". I loved this song. I started singing/rapping/shouting along to the song. Harry, Liam, and Louis joined in. We were so loud I'm surprised Louis could hear me when I told him where to turn. I'm sure we all looked incredibly stupid as we drove towards my house, laughing and bellowing with the song.

     I tapped Louis' shoulder and pointed out the window. "That's my house!" I tried to yell over the music. Louis nodded, turned off the music, and pulled over in front of the house.

     Louis looked at me in the rearview mirror. "You're welcome."

     I laughed. "Thanks Louis. Nice meeting you, Liam."

     "Nice to meet you too, Avery."

     I looked over at Harry. "I'll see ya later." I unbuckled myself and turned to open the door.

     "Wait let me get it." Harry got up and ran over to my side of the car and opened the door for me. I smiled.

      "Quite the gentleman, aren't you?" I laughed and he did too. Showing off his dimples. We both walked to my front door. "Thanks for the ride, and the pizza."

      "Anytime," He winked. "Say, Avery, can I uh, have your number?" It was dark but I could tell he was blushing. Aw. I nodded and told him my number. "Cool, I'll text ya." He smiled and started to walk back to the car. I watched them leave and walked inside.

     "Aves, did you bring me any pizza?" I shook my head and sat down beside my dad on the couch in our living room. There were still boxes everywhere. "Who was the boy?"

     "Daddy! You were watching us?"

     "Maybe..." I playfully punched him on the arm and laughed.

     "That was Harry. He's a senior. I saw him at school but didn't really meet him until I went to Pizza Hut. I lost my money so he let me join him and his friends." I decided to not tell him about our very first encounter.

     "That was nice."

     I nodded. "I'm gonna head to my room and unpack."

     "I'll be heading off to bed soon. Today was a long day."

     I pecked my dad on the cheek. "Good night Daddy."

     "Night Aves."

     I exited the living room and went to my room. There were three bedrooms. Each one was kind of small, and all the boxes made mine a lot smaller. I started to unpack my books and put them on the brown shelf in the corner. I was definitely going to paint this room soon. I had so many books. Right now, I was hooked on the Percy Jackson series. If you haven't read them, you seriously need to. Just then I felt my phone vibrate. I grabbed it quickly, expecting to see Niall's name on my screen.

      hey its Harry. I gave a small smile and texted back.

      hey thanks again for the ride. I barely put the phone in my pocket when I felt it buzz again.

     don't mention it. as long as it's not the last time ;). What a flirt. I laughed and texted back. We texted for about an hour before I told him I was going to bed. He is really funny. And sweet.

      I thought about my day as I was laying down. I thought about all my new friends. Kalley, Zayn, Liam, Louis, Harry, and Niall. Niall. Gosh, both Harry and Niall were cute. They definitely gave off different first impressions. But they both turned out to be awesome. I kept thinking about the two as my eyes started to get heavier and heavier. The last thought I remember before I fell asleep was that I didn't do any of the homework I got. Great.

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