Amore And Pizza

Hey, I'm Avery. I thought I had it figured out, ya know? I thought I had distinguished the difference between love and imagination. I was SO sure that no one could ever love me. Especially someone so extraordinary like Niall. But for once in my sob story of a life, I WANTED to be proven wrong. But I was right. Again.


18. Did You Know That Chicken Fingers Are Interesting?

     "Now class, I expect the rough draft of your books first thing Monday morning." I, along with everyone else in Mr.Gordon's class groaned. Monday? That was three days from now! I hadn't even started my project. The one where we have to pick a time in our life and write it like a book. If I didn't make the deadline, it would be the first since, well, ever. Don't judge, I like school. "I know, I know. It's homecoming, the dance is tonight, blah blah blah. But you all have had a few weeks now to work on it. No excuses." The bell rang, interrupting Mr.Gordon's speech. I hefted my bag onto my shoulder, and walked with Niall back to my locker.

     "So what are you going to write about?" I asked Niall.

     He shrugged. "Don't know yet. Maybe when I went on vacation in the mountains. What about you?"

     "I have no clue. I obviously have no time today to work on it. What with the game. Oh, and the dance." Subtle, I know. But the dance was at 8. Less than 12 hours from now, I would or wouldn't be Niall's date. 

     "Yeah, the dance. Well, I have to go to my locker, I'll see ya at lunch." With a smile and a wave, the butthead was gone. Sighing, I turned to my locker that was decorated with posters and banners. You could really tell it was homecoming at this school. Everyone was fired up about the football game. Everyone wanted the soccer team to win too, but face it, football was the main event. I opened my locker, and had a brief memory of when Harry stuffed a paper in there that had read : TURN AROUND. My heart sank. Yesterday Harry hadn't shown up for lunch, and I had a feeling he would be absent again. I really messed that one up. Maybe when the stress of homecoming was over we could work it out. You should know by now that it never works out that way for me.




     Before I knew it, lunch was being served. Lately we had to sit inside because it was cold or rainy. Today it was warm and sunny. I piled on some mac n' cheese, chicken fingers, and fruit before making my way out to the courtyard. The usual spot was taken by the usual group. I looked around to see traces of mingling throughout the school. Different grades were getting along, different cliques bonded, the atmosphere was jubilant. I smiled at all my friends and took a spot by Niall without a thought. It was becoming quite natural. Zayn, Kalley, and Gabrielle-in that order-were talking to Louis, and Niall about the football game tonight.

     "I have no worries," Louis was bragging. Zayn laughed.

     "Hey guys. Where's Liam?" I asked.

     "He's sitting with Carey and her friends today," Gabrielle informed. Liam had been switching back and forth the past few days. I thought that was nice. I could tell Louis thought he was going to get ditched so Liam could be with his girlfriend, but Liam had been making an effort to be as equal as possible.

     "No Harry, either," commented Zayn. "That's not much of a surprise though. Anyone know what his deal is?" I gazed at my chicken fingers and shook my head.

     "He says that he has stuff to do during lunch." I looked up at Louis to see he was looking right at me with a knowing look. Did he know why Harry wasn't here? Uh oh. Of course he knew. I looked back down at my chicken fingers. It was funny how interesting they could be, chicken fingers.

     "So," I said to change the subject, "you guys excited for the dance?" Maybe this time Niall would have to say something about it.

     "Yeah!" Kalley shrieked. "Zayn, I can't wait for you to see my dress."

     "I know you'll be beautiful in it. You're beautiful anyway." Louis and Niall gave a touchy "aw" while Gabrielle and I pretended to throwup. We all laughed. "What about you guys?" asked Zayn.

     "I'm just nervous about our game. Who's going to watch it,anyways?" I looked at each person in turn.

     Gabrielle and Kalley both responded with an "I am".

     "I'm going to watch Louis and Liam," Zayn said. He looked at Niall. "Sorry, man."

     "That's okay. Won't be much to watch anyway. Avery and I are gonna kill." I snorted at that.

     "Uh huh."

     "Well Zayn and I are going together, so are all of you guys going stag?" That question kind of killed the happiness at the table. Kalley had an amazing talent at bringing out the elephant in the room. "Hey, here's an idea. Why don't you guys make up," she said, gesturing to Gabrielle and Louis, "and go together. Then Niall and Avery could go together. It's perfect!" I cleared my throat.

     "Um, my dad has to be asked first, remember?" I looked at Niall to see him nodding.

     "And obviously I couldn't do that until after school, so..." Everyone looked shocked as Niall said that. Was he saying he would ask me after school? But what about the game? My dad wasn't coming to the game, he had to work. But after that?

     Just as I opened my mouth to speak Niall's phone rang.

     "Sorry guys. I'll catch up with you later." I glared silently at my chicken fingers. You have got to be kidding me. The others at the table broke into fits of laughter.

     "What?" I demanded.

     "You have the worst luck ever, Avery." Louis told me in between giggles.

     "Don't I know it."



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