Amore And Pizza

Hey, I'm Avery. I thought I had it figured out, ya know? I thought I had distinguished the difference between love and imagination. I was SO sure that no one could ever love me. Especially someone so extraordinary like Niall. But for once in my sob story of a life, I WANTED to be proven wrong. But I was right. Again.


20. An Impala Drives Me To My Doom

     I gazed at Harry. He was all spiffed up in a blazer, with a violet in hand. That wasn't a coincidence, I thought. Of course he remembered it was my favorite flower. I wondered when he had gotten changed and gotten the flower. Probably when I heard the door open and close when I was in my room.

     "You think I'm beautiful?" I asked, looking uncertainly at my dress. The black converse I was wearing looked pretty bad with the purple dress. With my swollen ankle I could only fit into these.

     "Of course." Harry replied. He walked up to me with a big grin on his face. I saw that cheeky grin which had been hidden for awhile now. I missed it. From this distance I could smell him. I never noticed that scent before, but it was really good. Without warning, he grabbed my hands with his. "There's something I want to ask you..." My heart stopped. He was about to ask me to the dance, I knew it. I held my breath and stared at Harry. He opened his mouth to finish his sentence when a car horn from outside interrupted.

     "I'll uh, get it." I tore my hands from Harry's grip and opened the door. Standing by Kalley's red impala was just the guy I was waiting for. Niall waved at me and grinned.

     "Nice shoes Jackson!" I laughed and glanced at my shoes. I felt Harry come up behind me and sigh.

     "Perfect timing." I couldn't agree more, I thought to myself.

     "So, you comin' or what? I need a date!" For the second time that day-and I knew it wouldn't be my last-my heart stopped. I know, you all are thinking I'm an idiot for leaving Harry all alone. For forgetting that Niall was supposed to ask my dad. Trust me, I paid for it dearly. When I think of it now, it was a pretty lame way of asking me out.

      "Sure!" With one passing glance at Harry, who looked like he just swallowed a watermelon whole, I caught up with Niall. I took in his cologne, which was amazing. He was wearing a simple navy blue button down and jeans. His blonde hair tousled to perfection. He opened the back door for me, which I gladly accepted, and made his way over to the other side of the car.

     "Hey, you guys." I gave my greetings to Kalley, beautiful in her deep green dress, and Zayn in a white button down which I thought went great with his dark skin and hair.

     "Hey Avery! You look awesome!"

     "Thanks. You look good too Kalley. Did your boyfriend tell you that?" I asked, poking Zayn's arm. Kalley put the car in drive and nodded. I looked back once at my house. Harry had a single tear running down his cheek, the violet on the ground.




      When we got to the school, it was unrecognizable. The dance committee had made huge, colorful banners to direct us to the gym. I could hear music blaring from there already. All of our other friends were already there. Gabrielle and Louis were still not going together. Liam should be there with Carey. Kalley had Zayn, and I had Niall. I really had him, actually. Because of my ankle, I needed Niall's help. Kalley, Zayn, and Niall laughed at me.

     "Go ahead, laugh at my pain." We walked into the gym, gasping at the decorations. There were orange and black balloons taped to the walls. Banners the same color were draped across the ceiling. I looked at the people to see everyone doing the cupid shuffle. "Oh! Let's join!" I grabbed Niall's hand and got in line with everyone else. I laughed the whole time.

     When the song finished Niall yelled in my ear-he kind of had to, it was that loud. "Want some punch?" I nodded. I watched as he walked out of my sight, then decided to find Gabrielle. She was sitting on a chair alone.

     I took a seat next to her. "Hey! You look great!" Gabrielle had curled her normally straight blonde hair. She did something with her eye makeup that made her crisp blue eyes nearly pop out of her head. With her silver gress with the emerald waistband, Gabrielle looked,well,awesome.

     "Thanks! You too! How's your ankle?"

     "A lot better. I couldn't fit into my high heels though." I lifted up my legs to show her my converse. She laughed.

     "That's hilarious, Avery! So Niall finally asked you?"

     "Yeah, about time, too." We laughed together.

     "Harry's probably crushed you know." My eyes fell to my hands.

     "Yeah, probably." Just then, Niall came back with our drinks.

      He handed one to me. "Thanks." 

     "No problem. Hey Gabrielle." Niall took a seat by me.

     "Hey Niall." We spent the next half hour or so exchanging stories about what happened after I fainted. When I explained my story, Niall clenched his jaw while Gabrielle smirked. I think she was cheering for Harry. Gabrielle's story was simple. After she and Kalley got my stuff from the locker room and gave it to Harry, she took her car back home, got dressed, and then came back. Niall's was a tad more complicated. He helped me into Louis' car-apparently he wanted to take me home, but he didn't have a car-then ran home to get changed. His story was pretty straightforward, just the feelings it gave me weren't. Niall made it seem like he just had nothing to do. I would have liked it a lot more if he had driven me home instead of Harry. But no.

     For awhile Niall, Gabrielle, and I just watched the other people in our school dance. Kalley and Zayn were having a great time, I could tell. Zayn would give Niall looks, probably meaning for Niall to get up and ask me to dance. I wish he would. Once, a boy that was probably a freshman came up and asked Gabrielle to dance. The boy had dirty blonde hair that was cut close to his head. He had blush marks that covered his whole cheeks in a rosy color. Gabrielle said yes. I think out of sympathy, but I'm sure it made the guy's day. They danced for a couple of songs. I envied Gabrielle. What was Niall's problem? He asked me out-kinda-to a dance, but then doesn't even want to dance? 

     All of my friends were enjoying the night. Before I was ready, the DJ announced it was the last song of the night. A slow song. I looked at Niall, who was gazing at the floor.


     He looked up. "Yeah?"

     "Um, are you going to ask me to dance?" I bit my lip and watched his reaction. It wasn't what I envisioned.

     "Well, no." And for the third time that day-and not the last, rest assured-my heart stopped. And it didn't just stop, it fell through the floor.

     "Why no?"

     "Avery, look. I know we've been uh, becoming good friends lately. But, I don't want to be more than that." My stomach followed my heart right to the basement. 

     "What? How? You have been giving me all these signals...You asked me out..." I couldn't put the rest into words. This wasn't happening. It was just a dream. I was still passed out. I was halucinating. Anything. Anything but this actually happening. But it was.

     "I know I have. I'm sorry, I guess. It's just that, no girl has ever really liked me. Or spent so much time with me anyways. I wasn't sure how to act. I guess I liked you liking me, and I didn't want to wreck it." 

     I felt the tears push behind my eyes. I kept them at bay with my anger. "So, you're saying that you were happy to just lead me on, and let me make a fool out of myself, then to just tell me you didn't like me like that? Why did you ask me here then?"

     "Because, well, I don't know. Zayn and Kalley kept pushing me, and I was a little mad that Harry took you home, I was afraid you would stop liking me." My fists clenched. 

     "You asked me out, so I wouldn't give up on you? Is that it?" I started to raise my voice, making people around us look at me. I didn't care.

     "Well, uh, yeah. I guess."

     "You guess? You guess?! How could you be so selfish, Niall?"

     "I didn't know you would get hurt."

     "How's this for hurt?" Now, I know what you all are thinking. I was going to do something I seriously regretted. Well, I regretted going with Niall, true. But what I did next, I never regretted. I slapped him, hard. The resounding crack spread across the room. Some people stopped dancing, others laughed. I finally let the dam behind my eyes break, releasing my tears. Without another word, I turned and ran out of the gym, ignoring the pain in my ankle. I hadn't even watched Niall's reaction. I didn't care. Well, that's not true, I cared, a lot. That's why I was crying. My mind could hardly bend around the fact. So Niall didn't like me, but he liked the fact I liked him, so he kept me lured. Classic.

     I hadn't realized what song the DJ had been playing until now. Truly, Madly, Deeply by One Direction. What a load of crap that was.

     The pain in my ankle soared as I kept running. Running away from him. I was good at that. Running away. With Connor, I moved. I ran. Harry tried to kiss me, I ran. Niall broke my heart, I ran. Maybe that was why I liked soccer so much. I liked to run away from things. People. Pain.

     I stopped when I reached my front door. Yeah, I ran all the way home with a just-recently dislocated ankle, and wearing a dress. Heaving with sobs and trying to catch my breath was difficult. I opened the door to find my dad in the kitchen.

     "Aves. What the heck happened? Why are you crying?" My daddy rushed up to me, wrapping me in a big bear hug. I cried for a minute before answering.

     "I shouldn't have gone to that dance with Niall, daddy. I'm sorry. He was supposed to ask, but he didn't. I'm sorry." I told  him the whole story, which was hard to do when I was still sobbing.

     "Oh, Aves, I'm sorry that happened." He paused for a moment. "But you know, there was one guy who had actually taken the time to ask me first. Someone who had taken the time to give you their time."

     "Who was that?" I know. While I'm writing this I am slapping myself for being such an idiot. 

     "Harry." Now when stuff like this happens in movies, the girl has a revelation, of sorts, then there's background music and a dramatic realization moment. Well, as much as I hate cliches, this was one of those moments for me. Except without the background music. That would have been weird.

     "Where is he?"

     "I don't know. When you left so did he."

     "I have to find him. I need to apologize."

     "Aves, how did you get here?" I looked down at my ankle, which was throbbing in pain.

     "I, uh, ran."

     I was thinking I was going to be lectured for that one. Instead, my dad laughed. "Well, you're not going to go look for him in that." He gestured to my dress.

     "Right. I'll be right back." I walked to my room,shutting the door behind me. Quickly I threw my dress on the floor and picked out an outfit. I put on some jeans and a deep blue sweatshirt. I ran into the bathroom. Ugh. My face looked like a raccon got beat up with a tow truck. I tried to wipe off my makeup as best as I could. When I finished, I went back into the kitchen. "Okay, well, I'll see ya later, daddy."

     My dad got up from where he was sitting to give me another hug. "Aves, be careful, okay?" I nodded. "I hope you can find him." I said my goodbyes and walked out the door. I didn't know where Harry lived. I could have called him, but I knew he wouldn't answer. There was only one place I could look. Somewhere where I became friends with him. Where I uncertainly sat down with him, ate cheese pizza, and laughed until it hurt. The only place left that I could possibly find him at. 

     Pizza Hut.

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