And I'm Like OWW!!

Read about Faith! She goes to school with the same five boys that you adore...


8. Chapter 8

Fast forward -----------> Court

Liam and Harry just got custody of Tommy and I. We are waiting to be released.

"Hey. Sorry for uh . . Yeah . ." Harry said trying to be sympathetic

I turned forward.

"This case is closed." The judge said

I got up and walked out.

"Hey you look pretty today" Harry said


Tommy and I hopped in the car and waited for them. I got a call from Lou

"Hey" lou said


"Hye you wanna . . Go to the bowling alley? Today?"

"Thanks but no thanks."


"Fine See you later"

"OK at 3:00"

"Who was that? Your boyfriend?!" Tommy said


The boys came in.

"Faith has a boyfriend! Faith has a boyyyyfriend!!!" Tommy said

Liam looked at me.

"No I don't . . Im just going to the bowling alley with Lou ok? ok." I said

"Sorry . . " Liam said

"Whats up with you Harry?" I said

"None," He said

Fast forward ------> 3 Weeks from now.

I had fun with Lou but we decided to be just friends, We got our scince project partners . . Nicole is with Niall Alex with Zayn . . Mikhayla with Lou . . Harry we Claire . Shes smart. And Me with Liam . .

I sit by the TV. Its a saturday November 22 . .

"What you watching?" Harry asked

"The news,"


"Nothing else on."

There was a shocked face on Harry.

"Turn it up now!!" Harry said

I looked at the TV an turned it up.

Ryan. Broke. Out. Of. Jail.

"Im calling the police . ." Liam said

He looked worried.

"He said . . He cant do anything about it. Sorry," Liam said

"Um well . . Im not sure what to do." Harry said

"Just be calm about it. Dont make a big deal. Ok? He might just wanna be out of jail not to kill anyone. I hope" I said

"Yeah. Lets relax. Maybe lets have a sleepover?" Liam said

"Ok lets invite . . Alex Nicole Mikhayl-" I said but was intterupted

"Hey hey. You need some guys!!" Harry said

"Ok How about Lou?" I said

"Ok Zayn Niall" Harry said

"Ok go buy some snacks and movies." I said

"Can I get a please?" Liam said

"Please." Tommy said

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