And I'm Like OWW!!

Read about Faith! She goes to school with the same five boys that you adore...


7. Chapter 7

"Can she just . . - *clears throat* Can they stay here tonight? And. Tomorrow court?" Harry asked/said

"No sir. Today at 3:30 sharp." Police said

I sniffled and walked towards the house.

'Is there anything left?'

"Sadly . . No." Police said

I walked and looked around in the rubble and I saw something shinning. I bent down and picked it up. It was a ring. Her marriage ring . . To my real dad.

"Are you ok?' Liam said

"Yeah but lets go to the store to get us some nice clothes for court . . for court." I said

"Hop in." Harry said

He opened the door and me and Tommy hopped in the back.

"Where to?" Tommy said


We went down the road and I dozed off . .


"Wake up . . . Wakey wakey" Harry said

I opened my eyes and I got up and we all walked to the mall

"Playground!!!" Tommy said as he ran to it.

"*Sigh* Lets go." I said

We walked to the playground and Lou was there. Harry and Liam gave him a hug with a pat on the back I rolled my eyes.

"Well hello beautiful. Isnt your name . . Faith?" Loy said

"Im in your science class and math." I said

"Oh ok. where are you guys off to?"

"Well just shopping . . ."

"With them?"

"Yeah . . I live with them now . . *sniffle*"

"Umm .. Why?"

I start crying alttle

"Hey whos hungry?" Harry said and grab my shoulder and we walked alittle

"You ok?"

"Fine." I said with a mad voice.


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