And I'm Like OWW!!

Read about Faith! She goes to school with the same five boys that you adore...


6. Chapter 6

Great. Me, Alex, Liam, Harry and Claire. Everyone else left. Well some other people are here but not many.

"No school!!" Claire said

"Yeah but its like . . 10:00" I said

"Bus is here" Liam said

I turned around and Harry went in behind me and Liam went infront.

"How come you didnt ride this mornin?" I said

"No reason . . " Harry said

he was hiding something I can tell.

"Mmmhmm . . . Liam." I said

"Look Faith you dont need to know . . " Harry said

"And why not?" I said

"Look Faith he was out with some girl Im not sure." liam said

"Arent you with Jen?" I said

"Well no" He said


"Well actually I dumped her because I like a new girl."

"Tell me!!"

"No . . ."

"C'mon Harry Im your bestfriend you can tell me anything."

"I cant this time."

"And why not?"

We stand up and walk off the bus. I see police everywhere and I ran up to the house it has caution tape everywhere. The house was burned down.

"Ma'am you cant go in there." Police said

"What happend!?" I said

"Ill tell you." Another Police said

we walk over to his car and I see Tommy.

"Im sorry but. Ryan your step father killed your mother."

I started crying Harry and Liam walked over to me and comforted me.

" . . And he tried to set the school on fire to kill you, But Tommy here had no harm."

"Where are we supposed to live? We have no family here!!?"I said

"Could she live with us?" Harry said.

"Hmm sir how old are you?" Police said

"Well this year im graduating from Highschool."

"Youll have to sign papers and go to court for them both to live with you."

I held Tommy in my arms and neer let go . . .


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