And I'm Like OWW!!

Read about Faith! She goes to school with the same five boys that you adore...


4. Chapter 4


"Here" Mikhayla said

We had a fight last year with our "Friend" Turns out our "Friend" was just trying to make us hate each others guts. . . . And we havent talked since . . she was a nice friend too . . Maybe I should talk to her?

"Ok class Ill let you practice a bit then ill call you up to sing . . When you come up to sing nobody will laugh everyone will be turned around and if you break the rules youll get written up. Go ahead and practice." Ms Payne said

I walked over to Mikhayla

"Hey" I said

she was sitting down. She looked behind her

"Me?" she said


"What do you need.?"

"Are you still mad at me?"

"No. Its just we didnt talk even though all those things weren't true."

"Can we be friends?"


"Good. We need to catch up on alot of things."

"Alright. Back to your seats. Adams your up first." Ms Payne said

I sat next to Nicole.

"Shes a pretty good singer." Nicole said on a piece of paper

"I guess I mean shes a bit off but yeah. How do you think your gonna do?" I said

"Good. I guess. Im not a good singer so I might fail."

"Nah! Your a good singer."

"Oh class! I almost forgot. This test is gonna determine if your going to the festival or not." Ms Payne said

"Crap! I forgot about that! Umm . . Im not gonna make it!" Nicole said

"Girl! Me and you are gonna make it if not then .. . Shes crazy!"

"Haha thanks . . "

She looks down on her lap.

"What are you doing?" I said

"texting Alex"

"OK!! Tell her I said Hi!!!"

"She said 'Hiii!:)' "


"Curtis" Ms Payne said

"Well here I go!!" Nicole said

"Youll do great!! Good luck!!"

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