And I'm Like OWW!!

Read about Faith! She goes to school with the same five boys that you adore...


3. Chapter 3

Well at least Im out of Mr. Manns class . . . I swear he hates me.

"Hello. Miss Faith and Miss Nicole how are you?" Ms. Payne said

Yes. thats Liam's mum but he lives with his friend Harry. She is the nicest woamn I know!! She looks a bit like Liam. She lives alone. Her husband. Liams dad died. He says he really never got to know him. He died when he was 3. But things are better for them. She is really pretty too. She has light brown hair tied up in a loose pony tail. She is wearing jeans and a white sequenced shirt.

"Good and you?" Nicole said

"Good. Take a seat class is about to begin." Ms Payne said

We sat next to each other normally everyday unless one of us was absent. I look up on the wall and see the poster with notes and rhythm covered up.

"We are having a quiz today on singing the notes. Tody I picked out a selection. Tomorw you pick a part of song you'd like to sing.I would like it to be 40seconds to a minute long. Ok lets take attendance." She said

I started doodleing on my music sheet.



I kinda doxed off daydreaming of who knows what.



I wonder who im going to get for the Science Fair Project? I hope either Nicole or Alex. Or mabe Claire shes smart.Well If I have to get a boy . . . Like HAVE to I would choose Liam maybe . . .

"Stewart? . . . Stewart?"

Nicole poked me.

"WHa-? Oh! Here!"


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