And I'm Like OWW!!

Read about Faith! She goes to school with the same five boys that you adore...


2. Chapter 2

We arrive at school. Me and Liam go to the nurses office.

"OK just keep this on your eye for a little while" The nurse said

"Ok thankyou." He said

He grabs the ice pack and we walk out the door. We hurry to class.


We walk in

"And where were you Ms. Stewart and Mr. Payne?" Mr. Mann said (Hahah i know right!!)

I heard giggle from the back. I give them death glares.

"Well we had to go to the nurse he got a black ey-" I said but I was interupped

"How did he get an black eye?!" Mr. Mann said

We told him what happend. He put a tardy stamp in our records.

"Now go sit down." He said

we sat down in the back. I hate this teacher along with Math!!!

When the class ended. I raced out into the hall. Who knew Math could make you fall asleep? Hah! I've known this since like forever!!!

"See you at lunch." Liam said

"You too." I said

Yesss!! I'm going to chorus now!! I walked down the hall and met up with Nicole. Alex did dance so she wasnt in my class. She is a great dancer!! I hope the people that takes students every year to the dance school and give her a 20 year scholership thats how good she is!!

"Hey do you like Liam?" Nicole asked

"No hes just a friend. Well hes my bestfriend and i dont want to see that run away from us if we get togther. And if we break up then we would act strange around each other yaknow?" I say

"Yeah, Thats true. Well then who do you like?" Nicole asked

"Eh, I kinda have a liking for Harry but I know hes dating Jennifer. But hes not really my type. You?"

"I like Niall. Niall Horan. I hope we get to be partners."

"Yeah I like his eyes . . . Its just I never really known him. Him being new and all."

"New boys can be cute!"

"I know!!! But- . . . Plus you like him and i wouldng do anything to- . . . I wouldnt do that ok!! I say


We arrive in Chorus

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