And I'm Like OWW!!

Read about Faith! She goes to school with the same five boys that you adore...


1. Chapter 1

"Wake up!!!'" Mom said "Wake up!!"

"Im awake I'm awake!!" I say stuffing my face with a pillow.

I roll out of bed on this boring Monday November 1. I hate Mondays!! I grab a Black tanktop. A pair of jeans. Some black flats. I walk to my bathroom and put some eye liner mascara and pink lip gloss. I take my curly brown hair out of the pony tail. I put an infinity necklace and a necklace that says 'love' on it. I put some bracelets on thats are silver and a gold ring. I grab my books off the table and walk downstairs. When i get downstairs I'm greeted with a big wet tongue on my face.

"Down Max" I say.

He is a Golden retriver. A really big one at that. I walk to the table and see Tommy.

"What are you doing squirt?" I say.

"Homework, Butthead." He says

"Don't use that language!" Mom says

"Wheres . . . um . . Him . ." I say

"He don't stay here everyday, love." She says

Im talking about my moms boyfriend. . . Ryan . . . I don't like him. AT ALL!! He's a pain in the bum. He sits there all day and watches TV and doesnt help around the house. He yells at me but, Mom dont care. He yells at me for no reason!!

I grab a banana and walk out the door. I wait for the bus patiently. I see Liam. Hes friend . . Nothing more nothing less.

"Hey Liam!" I say with a smile

"Hey, How are you this beautiful morning?" He says

"Good and you?"

"Today we get our Science project partners."

"Who do you want as a partner?"

"Well if i can get a boy I'd choose Harry." He says

"Oh I want Either Alex or Nicole."




"Yeah what other Alex and Nicole are in our class?"

"I dont know . . . Bus is here.

We get on the bus and he gets on infront of me. People push me around and Liam sits down. THere isnt anymore spots so I decide to sit by Liam but someone pushes me and I spill my books on him. He covers his hand over his eye.

"Sorry." I say

He uncovers his hand. Its a black eye.

"Is it bad?" He says

"Yeah. Ill go to the nurse with you" I say


Great don't I always find a way to srcew things up?


How do you like? I need your advice!! Don't be scared to give your opinion!!


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