They made my life hell. They physically and emotionally abused me. I could fight back if I wanted to. But then they would attack Mariska and Shay. And they can't protect themeselves. I'm Alexia, and this is the story of the five most annoying cruel people I go to high school with.


7. What?!...


I sat there, in the passenger seat as Louis drove around a bit. We were looking for a nice place to eat, yes, we ate Pizza at Lucky Charms's place, but I was still hungry. Louis had said we'd eat after he dropped off Zayn, Liam, and Harry. But Harry said he was hungry too, so Harry was coming with us. Finally, a decent restaurant, Burger King, came in my few. "THERE!" I screamed even though we were in a car. Louis chuckled and nodded. "Inside or no?" He asked as a red light stopped us. I looked at Harry, he shrugged. "Nope." I answered.

We got out food, I got a cheeseburger with chips, and a strawberry milk shake although Louis was slightly grumpy with that. Ha, it was funny we had a little argument in front of the female clerk, that was trying so desperately to earn Louis's attention completely, instead of me. Let's just say, slut never got it. Now we were all parked outside a McDonalds eating our food and just chatting. "So... truth or dare, huh?" Louis asked looking from me to Harry. We shrugged and nodded. "Ok, Harry you start." Louis said, slightly in a commanding queen-like tone. THAT'S RIGHT, I said queen. Harry nodded taking a bite of his hamburger. "Ok... Alexia, truth or dare?" I thought for a moment. "Dare." He smiled. "I dare you to kiss Louis."

My mouth fell agape at him words. Was he serious?! Me and Louis shared at glance before glaring at Harry. He smiled taking another bite of his hamburger. I grumbled. "You're joking!" Louis yelled. "I'm dating El!" He shouted at Harry. "Like you're committed!" Harry shot back. I rolled my eyes at the both of them. "Besides! You seemed to be getting pretty close tonight at Niall's place! Then you wanted her to come to yours! So, what's the big problem?!" He continued on with Louis I really didn't catch most of what they said. Louis gave him a death glare, but he didn't shut up. "Oh, shut up Harry! It's not like you don't wanna jump over the seats and make out with her!" That shut him up.

So, kinda just for the fun of it, and because I was dared to. I grabbed Louis's chin, made him face me, and kissed him.. the weirdest part was.. I felt something, like my stomach did a backflip, like... I think I felt butterflies. WHAT?! No, that wasn't happening, me and Louis were just acquaintances.... I think.... WHAT?!


"I dare you to kiss Louis." I almost spit my soda all over my windshield. What did he just dare her to do? Did I not hear him right? I turned to Harry, after sharing a glance with Alexia, sure we'd gotten to be friends.. but kiss her? I wasn't so sure about anything else.

Giving him a glare, I broke the silence and spoke. After all when I started glaring at him, he just smiled stupidly. "You're joking!" I yelled, I heard Alexia grumble as she glared at him, her shake looking like it was going to be all over him in a matter of seconds. "I'm dating El!" I protested. "Like you're committed!" Harry shot back. Ugh. "Besides! You seemed to be getting pretty close tonight at Niall's place! Then you wanted her to come to yours! So what's the big problem?!" I felt like killing him right now, my anger burned all through me. "What's that suppose to mean?!" I yelled back. "I bet you like her!" He shot back at me. I rolled my eyes. "Oh, shut up Harry! It's not like you don't wanna jump over the seats and make out with her!" That shut him up.

Then I felt someone grab my chin and turn my head. I realized it was Alexia just as her lips touched mine. Something shot through me, I felt something. Anger, disappointment, something, I didn't know what. Maybe... maybe I did like her... I don't know, I just felt something as we kissed. She pulled back. WHAT?! What just happened?! "So, Harry, truth or dare?" She asked taking a sip of her milk shake and looking at Harry. "Um... erm... Truth?" His sentence seemed more like a question. "Wanna go home? I'm tired." He nodded shortly after she asked.

We were driving again after finishing eating. That same feeling went through me every time I looked at Alexia as we continued to drive. I still couldn't wrap my head around what feeling it was, but I sure had it. "Here's your stop, Harold." I said parking in Harry's driveway. He nodded, got out, and jogged up to the door of the large white house. I began to back out. "Um... do you still wanna go to my house? I can drop you off at Niall's or Liam's... or yours?" She shrugged. "I'm still up for it." She said taking another sip of her milk shake. I nodded and began to drive toward my place. "Well... um... I should tell you, I don't like with my parents or anything... I um.. I have my own place." She looked at me, I could feel her gaze. I tried hard not to look at her. "Seriously?" She asked, I just simply nodded. "Cool." I chuckled. "Yeah, I guess." Shrugging, I pulled up my driveway and began to stop the car and park.

She jumped out and stared at my house. "HUGE!" She screamed making me laugh. That same feeling came back as I looked over at Alexia who was running toward my doorway. I walked up and had to reach over her to unlock the door. I knew my cheeks became a light red. She ran inside. I walked in with a small chuckle and closed the door. "Nice, place." She said looking around in awe. "Thanks..." I mumbled walking into the kitchen.

"Louis..." She said after a while of not talking. We were in the living room just watching some random tv shows on the telly. "Hmm..?" I replied, I was humming. "That kiss, it was just a kiss right?" What kiss? Oh wait... oh yeah. That's when it hit me what I felt... it was sparks... this means I do like Alexia, huh? I gulped, but nodded at her. "Yeah, just a kiss.." She nodded and turned back to the telly. Was it really just a kiss for her... because for me... it wasn't..

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