They made my life hell. They physically and emotionally abused me. I could fight back if I wanted to. But then they would attack Mariska and Shay. And they can't protect themeselves. I'm Alexia, and this is the story of the five most annoying cruel people I go to high school with.


13. What just happened?


"What the hell are you doing here?!" Alexia spat at Taylor. "Going out with Lou soon, you slut?" Woah, I'd brought this into a fight- wait when were we going out?! "Oh, wow. What a surprise since you slept with every other boy you could skank." Alexia spat back at her. "Still gotta temper I see." Taylor said a slight smile crossing her face. I stood there, speechless. I didn't have any idea what to say. "Rather have a temper than your ass." Ok that was kinda funny what Alexia just said. Taylor scoffed. "Would you rather have Louis too?" Alexia rolled her eyes. "Have fun, bitch." She turned to me. "Thanks... for being an asshole. I have to admit, I rather stay with Harry." That made my heart sink, it really hurt. She began to walk away. "Alexia, wait." She turned around just as Taylor's lips hit mine. She scoffed. "Wow, Louis." She said then practically ran away from me.

I pushed Taylor off of me. "What the hell?!" I spat at her shoving her lightly again. She smiled. "You like me more." She said. I rolled my eyes. "I don't like you. At. All." Taking a step back, Taylor looked like she was shocked. Ha. I shoved her away from me and went running after Alexia.


"Ah-ek" I sneezed and coughed, my chest really hurt. "Niall! Someone's here to see you!" I didn't care, it was Liam.. always was. And when I asked him where Alexia was, he said she was with Louis. Sighing, the best that I could, I flipped over on my bed not wanting to see anyone. "Tell him go away! I don't want to see anyone!" I shot back, although I sounded like a broken dolphin. "Not even me?" Asked a girly voice. I processed it then.. "Alexia.." I mumbled sitting up.

She smiled, ran over, and hugged me tightly. I let out a low whimper and she let go of me. "Sorry..." She mumbled. I smiled and sat up completely leaning on the back of my bed so that I was able to stay sitting up. She chuckled at me, then sighed. "Greg told me it's serious, how sick you are." I shrugged. "At least I'm not contagious. That way I can still see you, and Liam."

There was a knock at the door, me and Alexia turned to it. There was Louis. "Hey.." He spoke in a muffled tone. "Can I come in?" I was about to say yes. Alexia spoke before me. "No." She spat, not even without hesitation. I sat there, quiet, and quite frankly shocked. What happened between her and Louis that was so bad? "I was asking-" "I don't give a shit if you were asking Niall, I'm here talking to Lucky Charms, go, get out." She spat before he could finish his sentence. "Come on in, Lou." I said weakly. Alexia looked at me. "Well, of course." She stood up. "I think it would have been better if you and Zayn and Liam and Harry all just kept kicking my ass everyday, Niall, Louis." She left right after that. Greg walked in after the door slammed. "What happened?" He asked. I looked at Louis. "What happened?" I asked. He didn't say anything..


"Well, let's just go already. I'm feeling better." I complained. All the boys were still against me going to see Alexia fight. Although Liam and Zayn were going, they seemed to be the only ones she was on good terms with right now. Kinda. "No, Niall, we've been over this, Zayn and I will go, you three stay here." Liam said sternly. "Oh, come on!" Harry fought back.

Then, Alexia's brother, Jon, ran straight into my bedroom. "What did you do?!" He snapped at all of us and shoved Louis up against the wall with one arm. "What do you mean?" Zayn asked hurriedly. "My sister! She's enlisting!" All our mouths fell agape. "Oh, don't seem shocked yet, that's not all." We waited for him to say something more. "She's fighting, as we speak, and guess what?! She's already got two broken ribs, and a possible broken arm! She's been fighting the past eight hours!" He screamed. I shot up, and ran for the door, everyone followed me.


At the ring, we all ran inside, even Jon, Alexia's older brother. We all walked around, there were tons of people here. Screaming, shouting, and chanting "ALEXIA!" And some were chanting "JOHNNY!" I pushed through people, along with everyone else until we had a clear sight of what was happening. Alexia hit the guy straight in the knocks, he hunched over, she punched him in the head then kicked him. He fell. "One. Two. Three. HE'S DONE!" The Austin guy screamed. Everyone began chanting as he held her arm up. She was bleeding badly.

"Time for the next round!" He yelled. Alexia took deep breaths and climbed out of the ring. Must've been someone else's turn because she was taking her gloves off. Sweat dripped down her face as she quickly took a sip of her drink, possibly something that wasn't water. "Alexia!" I yelled, she turned slightly to us, when she saw us, she scoffed and climbed back into the ring. She grabbed the mic. "Hold on!" She yelled. Everyone became quieter. "How 'bout... we just throw some random people in the ring? You liked it last week, you'll love it this week! Because, the five boys I hate so much, Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam. Yeah, you heard that right, Liam's one of them!" Some people who probably work here looked at Liam astonished. He cowered back. "So boys. Who wants to go first?" She asked with a smile. Louis nodded. "Sure." He said walking into the ring. She chuckled throwing the mic at Austin. "Good luck." He said into the mic, the crowd started cheering again.

But instead of a real fight, he grabbed her, and kissed her. My mouth fell agape, so did everyone's in the room. What just happened? Instead of fighting, did he seriously just kiss her? In front of everyone? Just like that?

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