They made my life hell. They physically and emotionally abused me. I could fight back if I wanted to. But then they would attack Mariska and Shay. And they can't protect themeselves. I'm Alexia, and this is the story of the five most annoying cruel people I go to high school with.


2. Welcome to My Gym.

"Hurry! We might have to kill her!" Harry talked over the clouded voices in the room. I blinked a few times to see the five Sons Of Satin crowded around me. I shook my head and coward back only to hit a wall like an idiot. I smashed my head right into it and gulped for air with that. Louis, who was holding a gun, took a few more steps closer to me. "Please....P-please I-I won't tell anyone... just d-don't hurt m-me... p-please." They all laughed and suddenly there was a sharp pain in my lower abdomen. I looked around frantically. There was no Liam... I looked down. My shirt was stained with pure red blood. Gushing. I was just stabbed! The air around me seemed to thicken all at once and things became dim. Then there was a thud and all the light that was left, just disappeared.

I woke up, gasping for air in my lungs. Around me there were messed up sheets. I looked around and fell into my comfy bed with a relief sigh.. it was all a dream, I was never stabbed, or shot. But how'd I get home? Shrugging off the questions, I walked downstairs in my PJ's knowing it was a Saturday.

My brother greeted me in the kitchen. He was making eggs, one and behind his back like how the Navy kitchen taught him. "Mornin' Ms. Atkin." He said. I chuckled and saluted him. He chuckled at me this time. I took a seat onto the counter. "Morning, Jon." I replied moving my legs back and forth. The ache was gone, but as I examined myself I saw tons of cuts and bruises. Some short memories of yesterday flooded back. And a question from earlier came to mind. "How'd I get home?" I asked Jon. "Your guidance counselor. She said you weren't feeling to well because you'd fallen down the steps at school, and you didn't like the news you got, so she brought you here when you fell asleep." Asleep?! Fainted! News?! What news? Fallen down steps?! UGH! "Oh." I replied. "Wait, what news?" He chuckled again. "A Mr. Niall Horan will be tutoring you in math, every Wensday." My mouth fell agape as I rushed back to my room and dug around for my phone. A new number was in it. And I'd gotten a text from it.

Tutoring. Aught to be fun, huh?

So it was the bastard Niall. I groaned and texted Shay and Mariska the same thing.

I have tutoring with one of The Sons Of Satin every Wensday!!! HELP D: 

No reply... and that hurt, it really did. With a sigh I pulled myself away from my bed and walked toward my closet. Some clothes were already picked out. I arched an eyebrow. "Oh, and one of your friends, the one tutoring you came by earlier!" Jon yelled up the stairs. My mouth fell agape again. FREIND?! YEAH RIGHT! I looked at the clothes again, there was a note atop of them. I picked it up and read it carefully:

Better meet us, well me, at the school cafeteria, 12:00 today, I'll leave the lights on. x -Niall

What the hell?! Why did he want me to meet him? And at the school cafeteria of all places! Sighing I picked up the clothes that were layer out over my bed. Then found another stupid fucking note...

Oh, and wear these. x -Niall

Sighing again I mentally decided it wouldn't be a good idea to tell him no, but I was going to anyway. Cuz I sure as hell wasn't wearing the slutty outfit he picked out. So, grabbing some ripped black skinny jeans and a slightly floppy white tank top I stared at the clock. It was already 11:15 so I knew might as well head to the gym. I needed some practice. Grabbing my gym bag and slipping on my red high tops I put my hair in a ponytail and headed down toward the door. "Where are you going?" Jon asked as he saw me. I shrugged. "Gym. Be back sometimes, probably like threeish." He nodded as I walked out.

The cold air was great on some of my still throbbing and sore muscles. It felt amazing! And as the wind hit while I walked the soothing treatment I was getting from it came even more. But my smile came as I walked through the doors of the gym. My friend, Tony, and his brother Mick, were the first to greet me before I changed into my short shorts, pink, and my half-top, purple. "Smokin'." An all too familiar voice came from behind me. My eyes slowly looked behind me and I saw Liam, Liam Payne, a Son Of Satins member. I quickly turned around. "What the hell are you doing here?!" He snapped at me. I shoved him. "I should ask you that question!" He blinked a few times. I was gonna take advantage of this. "Listen up buckoh. This is my gym, all these guys, they listen to what I say, mess with me here, and you're toast, bitch." I shoved him again and walked away. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mick telling Liam something, Liam looked frightened and nodded. I walked over to Austin. "Hey." I chirped happily. He smiled halfway with sweat dripping down his forehead. "Sup, mini-Atkin." I chuckled. "Wanna go a round?" He shrugged and patted the mat. I nodded and walked over. He swung one of his fist at me but I caught it and spun, he fell to the ground when I kicked him. He chuckled and wobbled up.

"The only girl in all of the U.K. who's aloud to fight dudes!" He exclaimed raising his arms. I chuckled and shoved him slightly. He smiled and kocked his head, I looked in the direction he was aiming for and saw Liam, just looking over at me as an instructor brought him around his new surroundings. Shrugging his look off I went a few more rounds with Austin, him only beating me once, and that's because I had no idea we were gonna fight. "Cheater!" I yelled as the instructor brought Liam over. I quickly stood up. "Heyyyyyy Marcy." I said to the instructor, yes she's a she. "Good day," She replied. "I was wondering if you'd start with Liam Payne? Just for a little while. Jeremy is gone for the next two months, otherwise I would have had him." I looked at Austin, then looked back at Liam and Marcy and nodded. "Sure." I replied with a half smile. She smiled and walked off, I shooed Austin off and looked at Liam. "I'll enjoy this." I said taking his arm and throwing him to the ground.

After about a half hour of training I swiped some sweat from my head. Liam wasn't that bad at this, but I already knew that, he'd beaten me up at least three times a week for six years! Middle school, ugh, those were the worst, they had more people with them back then. But those people late became known as more 'weak links' and were left in the dark, so now it was only these five lads. And I hated each and everyone of them. "Not bad." Liam said causing me to leave my thoughts. "I've been doing this for ten years, Payne." He looked shocked. "It's in my blood, every man in my family is either a pro fighter or a Navy Seal or Marine." He slowly nodded, but still looked shocked. "How come you never fight back?" "Personal." I replied harshly and looked at the clock. Three minutes to twelve. "Shit!" I mumbled and began to walk away.

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