They made my life hell. They physically and emotionally abused me. I could fight back if I wanted to. But then they would attack Mariska and Shay. And they can't protect themeselves. I'm Alexia, and this is the story of the five most annoying cruel people I go to high school with.


5. Ugh...

Two days later:::Harry:

I can't believe Niall had done that less than two days ago! This girl was really starting to take Liam and Niall from us, we sure as hell didn't like that.

Liam and Alexia walked past me, both laughing. I decided to follow them to whatever. When they turned a corner I followed, until someone shoved me up into the wall of lockers. "Where's your wallet?!" The boys snapped at me. His hair was a mess, and his breath, oh my God that could kill. "Don't keep it on me during these hours." I answered simply, not even getting scared. He pulled a knife. But he was thrown to the floor.

I stared at him, then turned to his attacker, what I saw surprised me, it was Alexia. Why was she helping me. "Scat Thompson!" She yelled. He jumped up and ran leaving his pointed knife behind on the floor of the hallway. I looked at her curiously. "Why did you help me?" I asked. She looked at me picking up the knife and throwing it away. "Because, I'm not a monster unlike you.. plus, it was for Liam and Niall." She began to walk away.

This might sound kinda crazy, and maybe creepy. But, when I first saw her, she was beautiful, even if she was American. She was perfect in my eyes, a princess.. but in hers... I was a monster... that caused a lump in my throat. SHUT THE HELL UP, HARRY, YOU'VE BULLIED HER FOR YEARS, YOU SHOULD BE A MONSTER TO HER, I yelled in thoughts to myself. Sighing I started back down the hall, not following them anymore, what was the point?

Four days later:::Alexia:

"I will drive past you house and if the lights are all down I'll see who's around!" Niall sung filling the car. I chuckled. "That's not stalkerish at all Lucky Charms!" He laughed and turned into his normal driveway, I've gotten use to coming here the past couple days, even though it's only been like four. I've come here like seventeen times with him or Liam. It was kinda fun. But today, Liam said him and Niall had a surprise for me, I don't like surprises but... I couldn't tell them no, Mariska wouldn't let me.

He pulled over and parked. I jumped up and walked inside, when I got in I saw Liam and ran over. I jumped on his back screaming "Narnia!" With Niall laughing behind me. But I froze when I saw Louis, Harry, and Zayn sitting there on Niall's couch. I jumped down from Liam's back. "What is she doing here, Liam?" Louis asked staring at me. Along with Zayn. Harry wouldn't even look at me since I saved his ass. "I come here everyday, more than once, jackass!" I spat back. But before I could do anything Louis wouldn't like, Niall grabbed my arms and placed them behind my back. "We want you to solve whatever the fuck your issues are." He said. I grumbled. But soon enough I was shoved into a room with Louis, Zayn, and Harry.

Louis smiled. "Liam and Niall are so paranoid." He said coming closer to me. I kicked him in the balls and through him to the floor. "Try anything Tomlinson and I'll hit you so hard in the balls your children will come out blue and deformed!" He froze and gave me what looked like a small nod. "SORT OUT YOUR ISSUES! NOT MAKE THEM WORSE!" Liam yelled through the door, I rolled my eyes and propped myself up on the bed that was in here. "You start!" I snapped at the three boys. Zayn shrugged. But Harry spoke, I think Louis was too shocked I actually fought back against him. "We aren't solving anything." I guess I have to start. "Fine, I'll give you a little history thing about me and my life, just because you don't want it. My family, all of us ended up somewhere not too nice, most of the men in my family, Navy Seals, Army, shit like that, me, wrestler pro even against the men." I clenched my fist, that seemed to make Louis flinch. "My mum and dad died in a plane crash on their way here when I was two, since then, my brother, who is a high rank in Navy Seals, has taken care of me the best he can. When I don't have broken bones." I glared at them. "I'm not such a bitch." I was gonna end it there, I wasn't going too far.

They sat there for a few minutes, Zayn fidgeted. "So, why'd you ever even start being assholes toward me?" I asked after I was started to get annoyed of the silence that I was retrieving from them. They shared a few glances before anyone spoke, when someone spoke, it was Louis. Surprise! "You were a bitch to El!" I scoffed. "Oh, please. Don't act like you give a damn about El, I know you like Shay." He just sat there staring at the ground. Zayn spoke. "I guess we were all just mean because Louis was." I scoffed again. "And this whole time I thought Harry led you." Harry scoffed at me. "No one 'leads us'." I rolled my eyes. "We're done here." I said and walked over to the door, opening it quickly. Liam and Niall fell to the floor. "HA!" I yelled running into the living room.

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