They made my life hell. They physically and emotionally abused me. I could fight back if I wanted to. But then they would attack Mariska and Shay. And they can't protect themeselves. I'm Alexia, and this is the story of the five most annoying cruel people I go to high school with.


18. Ugh, I take it back!


I whistled to the tune of 'Change Your Life' by Little Mix and walked out the stage entrance doors toward my dressing room. Talk show time about me and George! Yay! I mean, well, everyone had questions, sure, but now, everyone was thinking that I was with one of the boys since I became Alexia Payne the DJ/Model dating George Shelley singer in Boy band Union J.

I sighed and started taking off my clothes to change into my black skinny jeans with a sky blue crop top that said 'Become What You've Always Known' on the front and my last name 'Payne' on the back. Everyone kept saying I was dating Louis, sometimes Niall, even Harry! I was just glad that George believed me when I told him nothing was going on between me and any of the boys. Thank God. My hair flew over to the right side of my head in a perfect braid as I slipped on my TOMS and walked to the back of the stage entrance biting my bottom lip.

As I walked onto the stage the crowd immediately started clapping, I didn't expect that. George was there, he stood up and hugged me tightly. Whispering. "Don't worry. They're simple questions, basic stuff, relationships and that." I nodded, kissed his cheek and sat down in between him and JJ. JJ, Josh, and Jaymi all gave me small smiles, I smiled back.

The host, David Becker(FAKE) gave me a smile, I nodded in return, in my opinion he was an ass. "Alexia Payne." He said, everyone started clapping again and I could feel my heart speed up. George grabbed my hand and squeezed, I smiled at him, he smiled back. "Let's get straight to the main point everyone wants to hear about." I gulped. "How are the lovely couple still young and in love?" Ugh, in love, I hate love, I mean George is so precious to me, but I hate love.

George nodded smiling at the guy with hairs that were whitening. I nodded to him and squeezed George's hand. "Well, then how does Mr. Liam Payne like you, George? After all with the band feud and everything his adoptive-I mean sister is right in between the both of the bands." George looked at me, obviously wanting me to answer the guy.

I sighed and decided to answer finally. "Liam really likes George, theres nothing wrong between them. Or the bands. So, I guess, I'm not really in between any feud or anything. I think all of us, me, One Direction, and Union J get along really well." I nodded leaning back in my seat. The man nodded back to me. "What do you think will happen if any feud does end up having its way with the bands?" I gulped. "Well, if the boys tell me I can only have one of the bands on my friends list, I'll choose neither, it's better than to lose all you love than to give up half and be stuck with a broken heart." George sighed, I squeezed his hand, he fidgeted and gave me a small smile, I knew it was fake. I sighed.

The man continued with questions. Then one hit me, like a ton of bricks in the face. "Why'd you give all the boys a second chance so easily, do you really like one of them?" Everyone in the crowd whispered a little before giving me enough air to speak. "I wouldn't say it was easy. We were separated for a while, and I never said they had a clean slate." I spat, my words harsher than I'd expected. "Woah, calm your witch down a notch George." George, the boys and him all began to laugh, I glared at them and took my hand from George's in my lap. "Oh, come on babe, it was just a joke." George whispered to me trying to grab my hand. Joke or not, you're suppose to defend your girlfriend. I rolled my eyes at him. He sighed.

As the interview continued, I was still pissed off with what the man said, and he didn't seem to stop at all. "Tell her to calm her nuggets down a notch, would you?" Everyone laughed. "I surprised she hasn't snapped her fingers in z-formation and spit on anyone yet." Everyone laughed again. I was getting sick of this. Then one question hit me like a bitch. "Do you have an affair with Louis Tomlinson, or Niall Horan, or even Harry Styles?" I stood up. "Who the hell comes up with your questions?! Probably my apparently jealous and asshole of a boyfriend huh?! Because I sure as hell don't have an affair you bitch!!!" I glared at George then walked off stage clenching my fist.

The interview pressed on and I watched from the screen on the Telly. George didn't talk much anymore and the man stopped mentioning me. Thank God. Once it ended the car Liam had gotten me two days earlier should have been here. I went to go see, if it was, I was leaving immediately.

Once I got to the door and peeked out someone grabbed my arm spun me around and kissed me as they intertwined our fingers. I knew who it was when his thumb drew a small heart on my palm. It was George. I stepped back, still angry. "What do you want?!" I snapped at him. He sighed and pulled me closer again. I tried to pull away again, but George was over powering me. I hated when he did that. "I'm sorry... you know I love you, a lot. But I can't handle more hate. At least make it look like we already made up? We'll talk more about this later, I promise." I sighed and hugged him no matter how much I wanted to punch him in the balls and run off. "I love you..." He whispered in my ear. I kissed his cheek feeling my self lighten up. Then walked out and got in the car. George waved by with a smile after the driver started toward my next stop.

My phone started buzzing rapidly in my pocket. I got in out faster and looked down at it. A new tweet, I was in it.

George: @officialAlexia I love so much, sad that I'm now in the U.S. and you're still back in the U.K. I miss you. But guess what?! I'd rob a bank to get back to you asap! xx ;)

I smiled to myself and put my phone away. Before it started buzzing again. I sighed, got it back out and looked down at it. This time, Louis was calling me, I was really annoyed right now with him, Niall, Harry and all the dumbass affair rumors. Then...


"Where'd you get that necklace?" The man pointed at my red heart pendant necklace. I shrugged. "Louis, Louis Tomlinson. He gave it to me when I got.. mad at him. For something..." I trailed off messing with it and looking at George a little bit.


My phone continued to buzz rapidly. I sighed, and answered Louis's fifth call. "What?!" I snapped into the phone my temper flaring up at a bunch of people again. "Are you o.k.? I saw the interview? What do you mean we don't have a clean slate I thought- Louis! Come back to bed, boo!" Then ending was a girls voice, my temper kept continuing on an upward spiral. "You don't have a clean slate! None of you do except my brother, Liam! That's the end of it! Ok?! Good! Oh, and I take it back! I don't forgive any of you except Liam!" With that, I hung up.

I seriously had some problems I need to sort out as soon as I could...

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