They made my life hell. They physically and emotionally abused me. I could fight back if I wanted to. But then they would attack Mariska and Shay. And they can't protect themeselves. I'm Alexia, and this is the story of the five most annoying cruel people I go to high school with.


9. Tuesday with Liam/Wensday with Harry


"Liam!" I screamed jumping on his back and laughing. He chuckled holding me up. I saw two of the other boys, right in front of him "Ey Lou, Ey Lucky Charms." I said with a smile. Louis just nodded and began to walk away. Ugh, he'd been like this since yesterday, it was really starting to get on my nerves. Niall smiled. "Hey." He chirped happily. "Going to Liam's?" He asked. I nodded. "JUP!" "Jup?" Liam asked curiously. I nodded again. Liam laughed. "Well, gotta go, Zayn said she can kick my ass at video games, I'm gonna change that." He said and started down the hall. I jumped down from his back as we continued to walk an talk.

We walked past Louis. I wanted to find out what was bothering him so much. "Um.. Liam.. I'll meet you out there." He looked at me weirdly. "I just wanna find out what's bothering Lou." He nodded and headed off. "Don't forget my parking space!" Liam yelled back with a wink. I rolled my eyes and walked over to Louis. He was talking to someone I obviously didn't know. I tapped on his shoulder, he turned around and looked a little surprised to see me. "Um.. hey." I said. He nodded. Ugh DUMBASS! "Come on, you've been ignoring me since yesterday! What the hell is wrong with you?!"  I snapped without thinking. He didn't answer. I rolled my eyes and walked away. "Look who I won't be spending Friday with." I muttered.

When Liam saw me, he gave me a are-you-ok-is-everything-alright look. I nodded and got into his car looking out the window as he began to drive. We pulled up to his house and did what we usually did. I beat his ass in any game, even golf, which was very surprising to me. Then I'd talk to his mum about him just to annoy him. "Mum, don't.." He complained when she said she was gonna show me some of his baby pictures. I smiled and urged her, she did. "Aw! Leeyum you were sooo adorable!" He said something muffled and walked back upstairs. I ran after him and jumped on his back. "Wanna watch a movie Li?" He nodded and carried me back into his room.

Liam put the movie in, we were gonna watch Toy Story. I cuddled up to a pillow and me and Liam laughed for no reason, it's not like we were actually watching the movie, we were chatting. He smiled when I almost fell off his bed, then laughed. "Liam, it's not funny." I complained. He laughed even more, so I pushed him off his bed. "That's funny!" I said between my laughed. He rolled his eyes.

The rest of the night was like that. Till I fell asleep on the floor covered in pillows. We had a pillow fight, whoever lost had to sleep on the floor with just pillows. I lost as you probably know... The next morning I wasn't so eager for. I'd have to go to Harry's after school. He was the worst of them all when they were bullying me... this wasn't gonna be my favorite day.

"Come on." He said and we continued to walk. "Oh shut up Harry! I've never had to walk this far!" I complained. "Oh, and Lou's family is coming over for dinner tonight, even Lou. So, my mum will be in the kitchen all day." I nodded, and for some reason my heart skipped a beat at the mention of Louis. I gulped back the urge to smile.

We came up to a large white house, I remembered seeing it the night Louis and I kissed... memories fluttered back and those same butterflies started jumping around in my stomach, I yelled at them to stop. Which made Harry give me a strange look as we walked inside. "You must be Alexia!" His mum exclaimed walking from the kitchen. "I'm Anne." She said with a smile. I smiled back. "Well jup, I'm Alexia, nice to meet you Anne." Before I could say anything else Harry grabbed my hand forced me upstairs to his room. "Wow, thanks for tidying up for me." I said sarcastically as I walked in. He smiled. "Welcome love." That made me want to barf.

After an hour of video games his mum called us downstairs, for dinner, with Louis, and his family. My stomach was in knots. "You didn't beat me!" Harry whined as we walked down the steps. "I did too! You just want admit you got beat by a girl!" He shut up when Louis's family came in sight. "That's the girl dating Zayn?" A girl with blue eyes and long blonde hair asked, looking at Louis who was sitting in the living room looking pained. "Shut up, Lottie." He shot back at her. She scoffed. Then turned to me. "I'm Lottie." She stuck out her hand. I shook it politely. "Alexia, and um, no, Zayn's just a friend."

Harry led me to the kitchen. "What's Lou's problem?" I asked when we all started to sit down at the table. I was between Harry and Lottie. He shrugged. "I made my specialty, noodles." His mum said with a smile. "It's the only thing you can cook.." Harry mumbled and started eating. I chuckled.

The whole night I felt like someone was gonna kill me. Suddenly, I looked over at Louis, he hadn't touched his food, and gave me dagger looks. What the hell?! "Excuse me." I said standing up and walked toward the loo. Ugh, these boys are making me british. I didn't go back downstairs after I came out of the loo, I went to Harry's room and laid on his bed, my eyes closed. After a few minutes Harry walked in. "Alexia-" He stopped when he saw me, must've thought I was asleep. He grabbed a few pillows and a blanket after laying a blanket over me. I thought he'd leave, but he kissed my temple. "Night beautiful." Then walked out leaving me astonished.. What just happened?

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