They made my life hell. They physically and emotionally abused me. I could fight back if I wanted to. But then they would attack Mariska and Shay. And they can't protect themeselves. I'm Alexia, and this is the story of the five most annoying cruel people I go to high school with.


22. The Truth Trip.


"Let's go!" I heard someone yell. There was screaming but it was faint. My eyes fluttered open and I looked around. My eyes widened and my arms wrapped around whoever was carrying me. When I looked up a deep chuckle emitted from him, it was Harry. I jumped from his arms as the screaming girls got louder, I ran to Liam who wrapped me in a hug as we walked a little ways to the car.

When we were finally in the car I snapped at all of them. "Why didn't you assholes wake me up?!" I screamed once the door shut. Liam shrugged. Niall and Zayn were still finishing up some food so they couldn't talk. Harry placed a hand on my knee, I froze, he smiled. Louis looked at us then quickly turned toward the window. What was his problem? I sighed and leaned back in my seat. Before I was jerked from Harry's traveling hands, by none other than 'Superman' a.k.a. Louis. He'd grabbed my arm and tugged me toward him, over the eating Niall which made Niall quite angry but all his words I blocked out as I looked at Louis curiously, he was still staring out the window. I didn't even bother to move, I knew he wouldn't let me.

"Ok." Paul began. We'd driven to a private place. It was a free day, Paul and the boys were all talking about something. All though Louis seemed like he was somewhere else the whole time. Liam had tried to get me to get out of the car, but Louis wouldn't let me, he insisted I stay put. But at least he let Liam leave the door open. "Where do all you boys want to be driven?" Paul asked. "Actually." Liam began. "Zayn is going to Perrie's in his car to pick her up for the park, Niall and I are going to a few places walking, Alexia's coming with us, Louis is-" "I want to go with Louis." I spoke up before Liam could finish. Everyone looked at me, except Louis, he fidgeted. "Louis is um taking the car to a football game, he's playing today." Oh exciting, I can root for Lou! Ugh.. "I want to go with Lou, please Li." Liam nodded.

Right before Louis was about to drive off Liam stopped by my window. He shared a glance with Louis, Louis nodded, Liam turned to me. "Are you sure you want to go with Lou? Niall and I are going to stop at some shopping centers." I chuckled. "I'm not a fashionista Liam, I want to go with Lou. He'll need some support if he wants to win." Louis scoffed, Liam smiled and patted my head. "Have fun." He said before walking away. I waved as Louis began to drive.

We'd been driving for maybe a half hour when the radio tuned down, which was because of me, I turned to Louis as we approached a stop sign. "Say something." I said. "Oh, you mean that song by Austin Mahone? It's ok, I guess. More of a girls song." I rolled my eyes. "No, I mean just talk to me. I'm getting bored." He shrugged and looked both ways before continuing to drive. "Why are you so caring with me?" I asked. He gave me a weird look quickly before turning back to the road. "I mean like, when Harry was going around too much, you pulled me to you, and was it you who carried me to bed last night?" He hesitated before nodding slowly. "And now you're being so careful while you drive, like you need to be quiet to make it all the way to the field, and trust me you're going slow. And you're never like this with the boys!" He shrugged. "You're just... you're a girl." He answered.

I scoffed. "And that has to do with this because..?" Louis shrugged again. "I... I don't know how to say it.. listen it's just different with girls. Especially when they're your bandmates little sisters." Great, that's all I was, the bandmates little sister. I shut up with a sigh and stared out the window the rest of the ride.


Well that lie worked fine, for now. She seemed upset with what I said, but I can't just say 'It's different because I love you'.... we're just friends Louis, wait, no, I'm not ever sure if we're friends. Sighing I pulled into the stadium and got out. Locking the car once she was out. Alexia walked over and got so close to me I could smell what conditioner she used on her hair, it spelt good. Oh Louis shut the hell up!, I thought to myself as we walked toward the stadium.

A guard stopped Alexia on her way in. Although she was right by my side, so I was technically stopped to. "She's with me, Isaac." I said, he nodded letting us pass inside. A few fangirls screamed for me but I ignored them as we pushed past people so I could get ready. First I had to find her a place. The fourth row! It's perfect!

We walked a little ways before we were there. Lottie was there too, with the twins. I smiled and shared an embrace with all of them. The twins wanting me to stay there, I couldn't. Lottie and Alexia began to chat. "Give her a shirt." I said pointing at Alexia. Lottie nodded just as I began to walk off.

"Louis!" I heard Alexia I yelled. I turned around. "What?" I yelled back. She smiled warmly at me holding up the shirt that said 'Tomlinson 17' on the back. "Good luck, Tommo!" I smiled and waved bye. When she turned Lottie smiled at me. She knew I wanted Alexia to be the only girl that ever wore a shirt with my last name on it.. I just thought she never made it, although she wanted me to invite Alexia, I didn't, sadly I was the shy Tomlinson when it came to Alexia. 'Thanks' I mouthed to her. She gave me a thumbs up.


Lottie and I were screaming out lungs off with the twins in between us. I'd switched into the Tomlinson shirt she handed me after I'd noticed Louis' was like that too, except of course his hand a team written on the front, mine just had 'Tomlinson 17' written on the back and 'LET'S GO TOMMO!' on the front which I loved.

He made another goal. Me and Lottie jumped up and cheered. He smiled and waved to me, I waved back. Lottie nudged me lightly. "He really likes you, you know that right?" She asked. I froze. "Actually... I didn't." She nodded. "He does, a lot, you're all he basically talks about." I couldn't help but smile as I turned back to Louis.

After a few more plays it was the Cam time. Lottie and I took our seats as the camera zoomed in on people.. but.. when it stopped on me, I froze once again. "Alexia Payne!" The man overhead said. "Looks like she's out supporting Louis today folks." I smiled and waved. Everyone got louder. I sunk back in my seats. Lottie nudged me. 'Show them the back of the shirt' she mouthed. I nodded, stood up, and turned. "Looks like she's more than just a supporter! I wonder if she's Louis's good luck charm!" The camera zoomed in on Louis who was sweating. Damn... he looked hot like that. "SHE'S MINE!" He screamed and smiled at me again. I chuckled taking my seat once more.

The game finished quite quickly. Lou's team won. Which made me fangirl like crazy over them, although it was just a charity event. When Lottie, the twins, and I saw Louis, I was the first to run up and hug him tightly probably almost knocking him over. He chuckled hugging back. "Great job Lou!" Lottie said from behind us. I backed away and the twins attacked him with smiles and hugs. Lottie was the last to. "You didn't change back?" Louis asked looking at me. I shrugged. "It's a comfortable shirt." He smiled. "Well, we're going to lunch next, still gonna wear it?" I nodded throwing my shirt in his face. Lottie hugged me, I hugged back, it wasn't really a surprise, we cheered together for her brother. "We've gotta go. See you soon Lou." She hugged him once more, then her and the twins walked off. I sighed making a pouty face. "But they were fun." Louis patted my back. "Not as fun as me." He winked, I chuckled. We began to walk toward the car.

The restaurant we went to was some random Dairy Queen. After Louis took my order he walked up and began to tell the clerk. I sat in my seat awkwardly. Then someone tapped on the window next to me. Before I knew it some girls were screaming and saying something I could barely understand. Something about pictures, me, and autographs. They seriously didn't want that from me, right? Louis walked back and smiled at the girls, one jumped around like a chipmunk. "Maybe we should move." He suggested. I nodded. We moved over to the middle of the restaurant.

Louis went up once again, he came back a few seconds later with out food and drinks. I quickly took my Coca Cola and took a sip. He chuckled and grabbed his burger. "What?" I asked between sips. Louis shrugged. "Nothing.. it's just... complicated." "Lottie told me." I said without thinking. His eyes widened. "Told me you like me Tommo." I smiled evilly. He smiled shyly and looked at the ground. I knew I was gonna have to ask. "Will you be my boyfriend?" I asked. His head shot up. "You're kidding and messing with me." Louis said quickly. I shook my head. "Then yes." He smiled stupidly taking a bite of his burger. "So.. I guess that means I'm the one you're in love with?" I nibbled my bottom lip.

Louis nodded eating slower now. Wait, what?!

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