They made my life hell. They physically and emotionally abused me. I could fight back if I wanted to. But then they would attack Mariska and Shay. And they can't protect themeselves. I'm Alexia, and this is the story of the five most annoying cruel people I go to high school with.


12. Pancakes and More Problems


I woke up and tried to stretch without opening my eyes. Louis grumbled and something tightened around me. My eyes shot open to see something I didn't expect to see. Louis's arms were around me and my head was on his chest. I didn't remember falling asleep like this, my head was on his head when I fell asleep last night. I fidgeted, earning another grunt from Louis. Sighing, I just lied there trying to think about how I ended up in this position with Louis, that's when I heard a sigh come from him. I turned and looked up. "Morning.." He mumbled his eyes still closed. "Sorry... did I wake you Lou?" I asked. He shook his head with a chuckle, still not opening his eyes. "Nope." I nodded my head. "Lou, do you know how we ended up like this?" Louis's eyes opened. "Like- oh.. sorry... I'm kinda a cuddler.." I chuckled. "It's fine Lou." He chuckled now and finally released me.

We sat around talking for a bit in his bed just messing around. He playfully hit my arm. Then his phone went off, being the weirdo I am, I grabbed it and answered it as he tried to wrestle it from me. "Ey!" I replied. "Louis?! Is that another girl?! Who is this?!" I turned to him.. "Um... I think it's for you." It was a girl on the other line, I knew that much, the voice sounded familiar, but I hadn't heard- it clicked in my mind, that was his girlfriend, Eleanor. Sighing, I got up from the bed, handed him the phone and walked out toward the kitchen. That's right, he's taken Alexia, don't be a slut and try and take him from her!, I thought to myself while walking.

As I entered the kitchen, I looked around for something to make, when I couldn't find what I was looking for, which was the pancake mix, I started back towards Louis's room. At first, once my hand touched the doorknob, thought that I should just wait. Then I heard something, something I really shouldn't have, but did.. "You slept with who?!" He yelled into the phone. "L-Louis... I'm s-so s-sorry it-t just happened..." That was Eleanor, so I guess she cheated on him. "You talk me into being with you again, then you go and be a slut and for one of my best friends!" He spat. "L-Louis p-please..." She begged him. "No! Forget me! We're done! I don't ever want to even here your name, and same thing goes to Harry, tell him I said that by the way! Oh, and no! Nothing happened between me and Alexia, she's a friend, unlike you." With that I heard a beep, Louis must've hung up.

I ran from the door back down the hall and toward the kitchen. Once inside, I thought about everything, I shouldn't tell Louis I heard. Nodding to myself, I heard some footsteps from behind me. Ok, fake a smile, fake a smile, I thought to myself and turned with smile. "Lou, do you know where the-" It wasn't Louis... it was Harry. Before I knew it my hand collided with his cheek. He rubbed his cheek giving me a strange look. "Get the hell out! Louis doesn't want to talk to you after what you did!" He looked at me with wide eyes. Louis walked in, he opened his mouth to say something to me, until he saw Harry. His eyes filled with anger. "Get. Out." I commanded Harry. "But I-" "Don't lie to her you piece of shit! She probably overheard my phone call with Eleanor, with my yelling being so loud." Um... no that's not how I heard Lou.... but let's go with that. Harry looked at Louis. "Oh shit, Lou I-" "Don't Lou me! Get the hell out!" He pointed at his door. Harry didn't move. "Lou." I said, Louis looked at me. "Do you know where the pancake mix is?" He gave me a strange look and nodded. "Yea, seconds cabinet on top, toward the left. Harry and I are going to... talk." He grabbed Harry firmly and they walked away.

I looked up at the cabinets. Ugh, there was no possible way I was gonna reach that top cabinet. Not without a chair. I walked toward the dining room, I froze in my steps when I saw Louis and Harry standing there right in the midst of an argument. "Um.. sorry.." I said when they shut up. "I just needed to... I need a chair to um.. um reach the top cabinets." Harry smiled at how small I was. I rolled my eyes. "I'll help you in a second." Louis said motioning for me to go. I nodded and walked back into the kitchen. That was awkward.

After about two minutes, I was sitting on the counter dangling my legs back in forth, laughing at how I couldn't touch the ground with my legs. Louis walked in with a small smile on his face when he saw me. "You are small aren't you?" He asked still smiling. I shrugged with a small laugh and nodded. "Jup. I'm only 4'10''." He chuckled. "I'm 5'9''." I shrugged again jumping down from the counter, I almost stumbled, Louis caught me... by the waist. I pulled away. "Help me get the pancake mix, please!" I whined. He chuckled. "Can't.." "Why?" "Don't have none." I rolled my eyes. "Then why'd you tell me you did?" He shrugged. "I needed to finish my conversation with Harold... oh and, Alexia, did you hear everything me and Eleanor said to each other?" Hm.. lie or not, let's go with lie. "Nope, just that um.. she slept with him.." I mumbled staring at my hands. I looked up to see Louis nodding. "Ok, well, let's go to Starbucks. We can gets donuts and coffee." I shook my head. "No coffee for me, giving me coffee is like giving me weed." He chuckled and we began to walk upstairs, to change, then go.

We were now changed, I was wearing a pair of my skinny jeans, ripped, and one of Louis's plain white v-neck t-shirts. As we pulled up to Starbucks, he just laughed for no reason. "What?" I asked. He shrugged. "Nothing, just remembering that funny cat video from last night." I began to chuckle with him and got out. Louis walked by my side as we came in, he opened the door for me and I ran up to the counter. The clerk looked at me weirdly. What, I can't where a boys v-neck. Ugh. I hate this criticizing assholes now a days. Rolling my eyes I began to tell them what I wanted, and what Louis wanted, then I noticed he wasn't with me. "Louis where-" I turned and saw him talking to.. oh my God, it was my worst enemy and I mean worst, she'd seemed to follow me everywhere, Taylor Jacobson. I walked straight out as they began to laugh.

It felt like I'd been walking for days, truth is, I'd only been walking for like thirteen minutes. I shoved my hands in my pockets and turned a familiar corner. I was walking toward the huge ass mall not too far from Starbucks. As I walked in I couldn't help but grow a lump in my throat, Louis was there, with Taylor. Ugh, so he didn't even care that I'd disappeared? Sighing, I walked right back out and ran back to Louis's house, I packed all the stuff I'd ever had here and walked out the door. Only to run smack into someones chest. I looked up. Louis... "What are you doing?" He asked, the blue in his eyes getting lighter, I got even more butterflies. "Leaving." I spat back and shoved him out of my way. Taylor was right behind him, which made me stop in my tracks.

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