They made my life hell. They physically and emotionally abused me. I could fight back if I wanted to. But then they would attack Mariska and Shay. And they can't protect themeselves. I'm Alexia, and this is the story of the five most annoying cruel people I go to high school with.


15. One Direction meet Alexia Atkin?


I don't know why, but something felt different about our performance today. We knew there was a special guest that was coming, it just no one really knew who except Simon. That's why Niall and Louis went to snoop around a bit. When they came back they were panting for breath. "Where's Harry?" Lou asked. I shrugged. "The loo." Zayn replied. "We know who it is! You need to see! Come on!" They both said grabbed Zayn and I and walking away down the small corridors.

We heard Simon talking to someone and stayed outside his doors. "Louis, just tell-" "Shh!" He said almost spitting on me. I decided to just shut up. "Excited for tonight?" Simon asked. "Kinda, but also nervous. I mean.. there are some people I use to know here, they'll be shocked." I recognized that American voice, even with it's slight british tone, that was Alexia! "Don't worry, it'll be a happy surprise." I peeked in and saw her nodded her head. Her hair had gotten longer, she was standing and her back was to me, I could see how tall she's gotten. I wonder if she still had those amazingly greenish brown eyes as last time.

Simon saw us and ran over. "Boys! Out!" Alexia turned and stood there in shock. Her freckles had become a little lighter so it was hard to see them. But she still looked amazing. "Alexia!!!" Niall and Zayn screamed running up and giving her a huge hug. She just stood there, she looked a little frightened of us. "You know her?" Simon asked looking at them. Niall nodded pulling away. "Alexia Atkin." I blurted. Simon looked at me and gave me a small nod. "Do you?" He turned to the unmoving, un-talking, Louis and Harry. They both nodded slightly. "Do any of you know what she does?" We all shook our heads. "Navy..." Louis mumbled.

Alexia shook her head. "Nope. Changed my mind when I moved to U.S. moved back a little while later, maybe a month. You'd all auditioned for the X-Factor, congrats for making it this far by the way, and I became a part of a record label, and a model." She finished the last part hastily. "Really?" Zayn asked. She nodded. "Jup." I smiled, I missed her saying that. "You haven't heard of the record company? Syco Records?" I looked at Zayn, he met a few people that worked there once. Zayn nodded, the rest of us shook our heads. "But when-" "I wasn't there when you visited Zayn, my brother.. he um... he died in combat. I.. went to.. the um... funeral.." My mouth fell agape, now she had no family. I couldn't help myself, I ran in there and hugged her tightly. We all sat down and began to chat with Simon and Alexia.

Simon finally left wanting us to just chat and see how we were all doing. He must've seen how much we wanted him to go because after at least six minutes, he was gone. Alexia looked around at us, for some reason, when he left, we all turned quiet. "So... um... how have you been?" Harry finally broke the silence. She shrugged. "I've been... ok. thing have been amazing for me, George, and Luka." Louis looked like he was gonna die when he heard a guys name being said. "Who are George and Luka?" He asked. "Well, Luka is my dog, siberian husky, female, and George is my boyfriend. He's in a band, Union J?" She looked at us to see if we knew them. We shrugged.

Louis didn't talk for most of the time, until I grabbed his arm and pulled him into the hall. "What's wrong, Louis?" I asked looking at him weirdly. He shrugged. "It's just... Liam... I really like her, I do, I really do, and now she's back and I might have a second chance... but instead someone already got her." He sighed, so did I. I gave him a light squeeze on the shoulder. "Just be happy she's back and willing to be friends with us again.. plus, I was wondering something." A small smile grew on my face and I walked back in. "Alexia." She turned to me. "Yes, Liam?" I smiled. "I was wondering..." Everyone urged to continue, especially Louis. "Do you wanna be Alexia Payne?" I asked. "Are you asking me to marry you?" She arched an eyebrow. I laughed. "No, I'm asking if you want to be my sister." She jumped up and hugged me. "Jup." I chuckled and hugged back. "Wait! How?" Zayn asked ruining the happiness. "SIMON!" We all yelled, he ran into the room. "We need a favor..."

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