They made my life hell. They physically and emotionally abused me. I could fight back if I wanted to. But then they would attack Mariska and Shay. And they can't protect themeselves. I'm Alexia, and this is the story of the five most annoying cruel people I go to high school with.


10. No Thursday with Niall, just problems.


Whistling to the tune of some random song that popped into my head I sat down at my lunch table. I hadn't seen Niall all day, and since I've been spending lunch with him, Liam, and Zayn and Louis I'd figured he'd be here. But he wasn't. I looked at Liam worried. "Where's Lucky Charms?" I asked. "Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you, Niall got sick. No Thursday with Niall." I nodded and began to eat. Although I couldn't help wondering if Niall was ok, if it was anything serious. I shoved those thoughts to the back of my mind when Louis sat down and began a little conversation with Liam.  Completely ignoring my presence. I rolled my eyes. "It's fine Liam, I have to hang out with Austin later anyway." That meant I was going to the gym. Louis and Liam turned to me, Zayn continued to eat. "Austin?" Liam asked. I nodded. "Jup. Figured I'd go to a couple fights tonight." I shrugged. That's when Zayn looked at me. "You're not fighting, right?" Liam asked. I chuckled. "Of course I am. Always do. Besides I haven't kicked a dudes ass in about a week." The rest of our lunch was silent.

I dumped my tray satisfied and walked outside. Free period for the rest of the day, alright technically ditching. But I wanted to get away from everything here. So I'd texted Austin to come and get me in twenty minutes. He'd agreed. As Austin was beginning to pull up I heard someone yell my name. I turned around, there were Louis and Liam. Ugh. "Ey." I replied as they ran up. "What are you doing?" Liam asked concerned. "Leaving with Austin, fights start early." I went to turn around and get in the car. Someone grabbed my arm. I desperately wanted it to be Louis, but when I turned around, it was Liam. I sighed. "Let go Li." He shook his head. "You're not going." I nodded. "Yes, I am. Let. Go." I tore my arm from his grip. Austin got out of his car and walked to my side. I put my hand up signaling him to stop. "Please, don't." That was Louis... first time he'd actually said a word to me in a little while. But it sent sparks all through me. "You don't control what I do and what I don't. And since when did you start talking to me again? Since yesterday is Friday and I'm suppose to hang with you again? That's not happening, you ignored me all week! And wouldn't even tell me why!" I scoffed and climbed in Austin's car without another word. Louis just stared at the ground. Liam didn't say anything else. Soon, Austin was driving and they left me few.


"What do we do?" I asked looking at the worried Liam. He was such an older brother to her. "We have to go." He replied. I swear he's crazy. "What?" I asked. "We have to go Louis. Just to make sure she's ok, we have to." I nodded and we ran toward the parking lot. We got in my car. "Where to?" I asked looking at him slowly pulling out of the parking lot. "The gym." I nodded and began to drive off, I had to drive Liam to this gym a couple times. I remembered seeing her there a few times too.

Her words hurt me, but she was right, I ignored her all week, just because I was... ugh, it's complicated. I was trying to keep a relationship with El, by lying to myself about my feelings for Alexia. This is sooo Harry's fault for making us kiss in the first place.

We pulled up outside the gym and Liam ran in, I followed in a hurry. When I walked in Liam stood there staring at the girl in the ring, from behind. Her hair was up in a pony tail and she had a half top on with some shorts. A guy laid past out in front of her. "Yes!" The Austin guy shouted giving her a smile. It must've been Alexia. The girl climbed from the ring and I saw her face, it was her, so far she hadn't noticed us. "Four more. And thanks, it means a lot." She shrugged at what the Austin man said. "I've done this so you could have money before. No biggie. Even despite the broken bones and marks and scratches." He chuckled.

That infuriated me. He made her do this so he could have fucking money?! What the hell is wrong with him?! I walked up and without thinking my fist collided with his face. He fell to the floor. "Asshole!" I yelled at him. Liam grabbed me after I kicked the guy. "Louis stop!" Alexia yelled as I was going to kick him again. I went limp at the panic in her voice. Getting out of Liam's grip I looked at her. "He makes you fight so he can have money! You said it yourself you've hand broken bones, marks and scratches from it! The asshole deserved it!" I shot back. She rolled her eyes and stood between me and him. "It's my decision." She said plainly. "Fine then! You wanna go off and get hurt?! I'm sorry I cared!" I walked out and drove off.

Everything was getting so complicated. But I knew what I had to do about me and El. I called her as I was driving up to a red light. "Hey Lou!" She said through the phone. She sounded so happy, it just made this all worse. "Listen.. we need to talk."

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