They made my life hell. They physically and emotionally abused me. I could fight back if I wanted to. But then they would attack Mariska and Shay. And they can't protect themeselves. I'm Alexia, and this is the story of the five most annoying cruel people I go to high school with.


23. News, Fright, and Princess.


My hair fell over my shoulders as I continued down the street toward Alexia's place. I'd called Liam and asked him where it was as a surprise, what he didn't know though was I was bringing Dani and Shay with me. It would be great! We hadn't seen our best friend model in at least a year and a half and Dani really wanted to see Liam so we invited her to come with.

As we approached the door all three of us became anxious. We ran right inside and screamed. "HELLO!" Everyone turned to us. Alexia ran toward us. But.. instead of her hugging me or Shay, she hugged Dani... weird. I shrugged it off as she group hugged Shay and I next. Dani was hugging Liam in seconds. "What the-?" He began, Shay cut him off. "We wanted to come early and surprise you all!" He rolled his eyes. "The surprise was only suppose to be for Alexia." We shrugged. She smiled.

"We have to go." Louis said snaking his arm around Alexia's waist. Wait, what? She sighed, but nodded. "You guys shouldn't have done that. Lou and I are going out. Bye guys!" She waved at all of them and hugged Liam before they left. What in hell?! I shrugged and sat down between Liam and Shay. Shay was between Niall and I and Dani was in Liam's lap.


We all sat there in silence. I couldn't take it, I broke the silence. "Whatever happened to you two?" I asked. Shay shrugged. That's weird, I didn't really remember her as shy Shay. Oh well. What was really bugging me was Louis and Alexia, UGH, she was suppose to be mine, not his. Harry, shut the hell up!, I mentally hit myself. "We've been around, traveling, just being weird." Mariska answered. "You left Alexia behind?" Niall asked. "I thought she was your best friend." Mariska and Shay both shrugged. "No, not really. I guess that we're best friends. She's a friend." Shay answered him.

Mariska shrugged again. "She really couldn't come anyway. With her busy schedule and with losing her brother." Shay stared down at the ground. Mariska patted her back.

We sat there for another half an hour and were back in our dead silence. Until Alexia walked back inside. "Ey you guys. So Dani, wanna go upstairs and talk?" She asked. Why the sudden interest in Danielle? Dani nodded and stood up. Liam whined. "Oh back off Payne, she's mine now." Alexia said and they held hands walking upstairs. "What was that?" Zayn asked looking at all of us. "I guess they get on well now." Liam answered. "It's new." Louis said walking inside now his hands in his pockets. "How was the movies?" I asked. He shrugged. "Didn't go." "Where'd you go then?" I continued with my questions. "You'll see in a few seconds." He smiled and sat down beside me.

Turns out his few seconds meant a few minutes. Danielle ran down the stairs and tackled Louis with a hug. Alexia walked down with a smile on her face. "Thanks!" Danielle said smiling and kissed Louis's cheek. "Why'd you hold hands?" Niall asked Alexia. "Holding hands with your boyfriend is so out, holding hands with your.." Alexia began then smiled at Danielle. "Holding hands with your best friend is so in!" Her and Alexia shared a hug while laughing. "So my little sister and my girlfriend get along?" Liam asked. They both nodded giggling. "Wait? Why'd you thank Louis?" Zayn chirped in before I could. Danielle stuck out her hand revealing a expensive bracelet that said 'Dani. We love you!' with all our signatures engraved in it, with Alexia's smiley face too. "It was my idea!" Alexia whined as her and Dani sat down on the floor chatting.

Well then...

I walked upstairs after everyone else did. It was probably midnight but I still wasn't tired. I was having one of those kicks I had sometimes when I got jealous of something or someone. Shut up Harry no way in hell are you jealous, I tried to convince myself. It wasn't working. Sighing I looked in all the rooms, everyone was asleep, and Louis was in his room alone that meant... I walked into Alexia's room..

She was limp on her bed laying flat on her back. She looked so vulnerable. I couldn't help what happened next. I kissed her lightly on the lips and combed through her hair with my hand, when I felt even the slightest movement I quickly jumped away. "What-" Shut up, Harry!, I yelled at myself in thoughts. She was still fast asleep thank God. Louis was a lucky asshole he got the girl.. ugh..


I shook myself awake at the smell of fresh pancakes then stumbled downstairs not caring that I was only in my boxers. Everyone was gathered around at the table as I reached the kitchen... but.. they were all dressed. Mariska's cheeks turned a bright red. I ran upstairs, put on some pants, then walked back down casually. That's when it hit me. I could-


My phone buzzed right before the movie Niall put in was about to start. I got shushed by three people. "Oh shut up you guys we aren't at the movies!" I spat at them then walked into the kitchen as everyone fixed there vision on the screen. Harry and Louis were in the middle of a poke war though so they weren't paying attention to me or the movie. Looking down at my phone I gasped... what was I looking at?

Dear Alexia,

Hm... your lips and your kiss. So perfect. So precious. Why waist them on Louis? Ha! Dear you will be mine, once and always. I will come and we will have the time of our lives.

-Your Secret Admire

Gulping I decided to ignore it and just act normal, someone was probably pranking me. Shrugging it off I walked into the living room, took my spot back from Niall and started to watch the movie with the others. Once it was over I'd realized I'd just about fallen asleep in Niall's lap. "Sorry.. Ni.." I managed to say between yawns. He shrugged and picked me up earning a glare from Louis. "Oh relax sassy." Niall said carrying me up the stairs, I leaned my head on his chest just before he put me in my bed. "Night Niall.." I said as I scrunched up under the covers. He kissed my forehead. "Night princess." Wait huh?!

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