They made my life hell. They physically and emotionally abused me. I could fight back if I wanted to. But then they would attack Mariska and Shay. And they can't protect themeselves. I'm Alexia, and this is the story of the five most annoying cruel people I go to high school with.


4. Going back, to a Change.


I walked down the school halls, thinking: Hmm... haven't been here in a few days. Which was true, I hadn't been. I'd been gone since the 'accident' and Jon, my brother, wouldn't let me out of the house for two weeks. The only connections I had to the outside world were Mariska and Shay, and they were barely any help with that anyway.

Well, at least I made it through the first day back without being attacked. Sighing, I grabbed my board from in my locker. Someone snatched it from my hand. "You shouldn't be riding this." He said keeping it at his side. I rolled my eyes, it was just Liam. "Give it back." I said. At least I could trust Liam not to hurt me or be an ass. We'd actually kinda become friends since the 'accident'. He shook his head and gave me a half smile. "Please." I begged now. He still shook his head. Then through it, I watched where it went. A certain tall blonde boy caught it was a smirk. "Liam's right." He said in his irish accent. "Day to you too, Horan." I spat. "Relax," Liam assured me. "He's on my side with this, right Niall?" Horan nodded. "Well, in that case, I'm calling you... Lucky Charms." Liam and Lucky Charms laughed. I rolled my eyes. "Now give me my board." They both shook there heads. I sighed and started down the hall.

They walked by both my sides. Weird. "What do you want?" I asked after a few minutes of silence. "We have tutoring later, and plus, we wanna hang out." Niall answered and nodded simply at me. I sighed. "Since when did you both ever wanna hang out with me?" I asked looking from one to the other. They shared a glance and this time Liam answered me. "Since we realized what we were doing to you was just plain wrong." I nodded in response and we all continued down the hall. Niall slung one of his arms around my shoulders, Liam slung one around my waist as we walked past Louis, Harry and Zayn. A flinch on jealousy could be seen in Harry and Louis's eyes. Zayn just looked at us weird. I gulped. "Don't worry, they will never hurt you again.." Liam whispered to me assuringly. I nodded again and we left the school.

Niall led us to his car, it was a porsche. Which made me gasp and run from them toward the car. Niall laughed slightly after me, but stopped after receiving my death glare. "Like my car?" He asked. I nodded fast. "I love it!" I exclaimed. Liam laughed then a familiar girl voice, Danielle's, yelled for him, he sighed. "Sorry looks like I can't hang out with you guys." He started walking away. I didn't necessarily already trust Niall.. but if Liam did, then I was gonna end up trusting him, because I trusted Liam now. I climbed into the passenger side of Niall's car, and he began to drive. As he drove I stared blankly out the window.

He went up a long driveway, which led to a huge ass house. Completely white with a ton of windows. As I climbed out of the car, he was at my side within seconds, which made me chuckle. It was like he actually gave shit about me, he was only doing this because Liam was his best mate and he didn't want to lose him. But.. he grabbed my hand in his and led me inside. It was a neat house, once you got inside, there was a nice living room in few and a way toward the kitchen. But he led me upstairs, and released my hand as we entered what I assumed to be his room, not too messy, but sure as hell not too clean either. He grabbed his textbook and walked back downstairs while holding my hand again, he led me to his living room and we sat down, once again he let go of my hand and opened his book. "Got yours?" He asked casually. I nodded digging in my bag and grabbing it. I opened up to the same page as him. "Which one do we start with?" He asked looking at me. I shrugged. I didn't want to tell him the truth.. math was simple, when others read it to me. I was dyslexic. He read the first problem on the page and I solved it easily. "Why do you need help? You're great at math?!" He asked a few problems. I gulped.... that was the question I didn't want to have to answer.


She sat there, I saw her fidget in her seat as I asked my question , I looked at her weirdly. Why was she fidgeting? I wasn't going to hurt her if she told me. "Come on, spill!" I practically whined. Maybe she just didn't want to say cause I grabbed her hand earlier, I gulped and my cheeks began to turn a light red. She shrugged. "I'm dyslexic." What? "What?" I asked slightly confused. "I have dyslexia. Doing the math, easy as pie... then when it comes to reading it... not so easy." I nodded in understanding. She could do it, she just couldn't read it.

We began to each take turns reading a problem and solving it. She was good at solving the ones I asked her, but when she went to read one to me, she didn't read some of it right, mainly the words that asked her to multiply and such. But she was getting better each time she continued on to the next one. I figured with a little more practice she'll be able to read it perfectly. "That was better than the last one." I said, she sighed. "You said that last time." I nodded at her. "Well, it's true." She just sighed again. My door opened, I looked up, there was Liam. "Hey." I said simply. "Ey." He said with a small smile. Alexia looked up and smiled back at him. "Ello." She imitated his british accent, I chuckled and closed my textbook. "That's enough studying." She sighed relief and closed her quickly shoving it back in her bag. I chuckled rolling my eyes at her. She just smiled... wait!! She smiled at me! I smiled back trying to hold in my shock.

Liam, Alexia, and I began to just talk and laugh. Occasionally I got to the kitchen and grab some snacks for us. They seemed to go by fast, thanks to me, although I kept thinking Alexia was hiding them when I turned my back to her. There was a knock at the door, I stood up and walked over to it while Liam began to tell another story from his past. As I opened it I saw familiar curls. It was the boys. Without saying a word they walked in. Harry was about to say something as they walked into the living room me following. "What is she doing here?" Zayn asked glaring at her, she glared right back. "She's been hanging with us." I replied walking past them, and purposely rubbing shoulders with Zayn. They all stood there for a little while. Liam broke the silence in the room. "Come on, Alexia, let's go somewhere else. You're invited to come with Niall." He said and they both stood up. I shook my head. "Nah. You both stay, Harry, Louis, and Zayn, you leave." Harry, Louis and Zayn looked at me shocked. "You're kidding!" Harry spat. I shook my head. "No get out. Until you straighten your shit out, get the fuck out of my house." They stared at me astonished that I'd said that before mumbling something and slowly leaving. Harry gave Alexia death daggers the whole time, with his eyes.

When the door closed Liam and Alexia practically jumped onto me laughing, Liam climbed off me but Alexia hugged me. I could see the smile that was on her face and chuckled. "Wow, Niall. Never thought you'd do that." Liam said. Alexia nodded. "Yeah, lucky charms." I chuckled again and shrugged. "Only for those people that aren't assholes." We all chuckled and began to chatting again. Soon enough though, we got bored, I WASN'T EVEN HUNGRY! So we decided to watch a movie. "Paranormal Activity 3?" I suggested. Alexia shook her head fiercely. "I have to get home." She said and I looked at the time, a quarter to nine. I nodded, so did Liam. "Want us to drop you off?" She shook her head. "Nah. I'll be fine." Liam and I shared a glance we both shook our head. But she still protested. "I'll. Be. Fine. Now that I have you two, I'll fight back." She smiled at Liam. He nodded. "If she fights back, she'll be perfectly fine." i pointed at her. "Fractures ribs!" I exclaimed. Liam shrugged, so did she. I sighed. "Fine." With that, she left.

"We have to do something..." Liam said. "About what?" I asked. "About-"

Not giving it away that easily!!!!!! BYE!!!!

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