They made my life hell. They physically and emotionally abused me. I could fight back if I wanted to. But then they would attack Mariska and Shay. And they can't protect themeselves. I'm Alexia, and this is the story of the five most annoying cruel people I go to high school with.


24. 'Fine'...


After a few days things seemed like they were getting at least a little better for us. Dani had to go home, which I and Liam were very much upset with. And the texts were... well, I don't know if they were coming or not my phone died and Liam took my charger, I'm 'grounded' from my phone apparently. I hope he knows that charger also goes with my Kindle Fire HD tablet and even my MacBook Pro laptop.

The door bell rang and I jumped up. Man, I was so tired and bored without my electronics. "I'll get it!" I yelled up the stairs running from the couch toward the door. The door swung open and drunk Louis walked in holding a beer in his hand. He was followed in by un-drunk Liam. "He didn't touch anyone, don't worry." Liam assured me. I nodded. "Liam. Stop. Alexia can help me!" Louis whined as Liam tried to help him up the steps.

I nodded walking over and taking Liam's lead. Louis snaked an arm around my middle and clung to me like a puppy that was scared. Bringing him into his room he hurriedly kicked off his shoes and laid down on his bed pulling me with him. Louis snuggled up to me like a child and within minutes, he was out like a lightbulb.

I just sat there letting Louis rest messing with his hair. I knew he'd be hung over in a few hours and that he'd sleep till then. But oh well, that's what I was in for when I agreed he could go to the bar as long as Liam went with. Sighing I rested my hand by my side and stopped messing with his hair. "No.. keep going.." Louis whined in a sleepy tone. The hell?! "Louis! I've been sitting here at least three hours!" He shrugged keeping his eyes closed. "Please..." He whined coiling up to my side again, this time resting his head on my shoulder. This time I closed my eyes and let myself fall asleep too.

Something tickled my cheek. I groaned and flipped onto my other side. It tickled my cheek again causing me to turn over and blink. "What...?" I mumbled rubbing my eyes and blinking a few more times. My eyes stopped on Louis. He was smiling at me and touching my cheek with his hair at the same time. "Wake up sleeping beauty." He coaxed standing up from the bed and stretching. I sighed and sat up. "I was thinking..." He began.

I looked at him to continue. Louis just smiled and shook his head. "Never mind, it was a bad idea." I rolled my eyes. "Louis, just tell me. Please." I gave him the puppy face he could never say 'no' to. He got back on the bed with a sigh and climbed over me shoving back down on the pillows. "You're adorable." He kissed my nose causing me to scrunch up, then smiled. "I was wondering if you wanted to go to the fair with me?" Louis licked his lips and looked like he was anxious for my answer. "I'd love to Mr. Tomlinson." He chuckled and pecked my lips before standing up again. "We'll leave at six thirty, sharp." I nodded and he walked over toward his bathroom. I smiled and trotted downstairs.

Liam was sitting not the couch with Niall, who looked seriously hot with messed up blonde hair and no shirt, eating popcorn and watching a movie. "Care to join?" Liam asked glancing over at me before back at the screen. "Sure!" I smiled and plopped myself down by Liam taking a little popcorn. "I'm getting more popcorn!" Someone yelled from the kitchen, I recognized it to be Zayn, a drunk Zayn. "He came home with Niall a few minutes ago. They got 'comfy'." Liam whispered to me, I nodded laughing slightly. "I can see that." I said as soon as Zayn came from the kitchen in just shorts and socks. I laughed and covered my face. "Popcorn!" Zayn plopped down next to me and I could already smell the booze. "How'd you get home Zayn?" I asked looking at him.

Zayn looked at Liam and ate another piece of popcorn. "Well... I drived of course." Liam face palmed and I laughed. "Zayn, you have died." Liam blurted without thinking. I saw hurt cross Zayn's face. "Sorry mum." He said lowly. I chuckled and pinched his cheeks. "That's Liam, not your mum pretty boy." He scoffed. "It's bad boi." I rolled my eyes. "Niall! Zayn! Clothes, now!" Harry yelled walking from the theatre room into here. "If Liam made me put clothes on you have to, too!" Liam looked at him. "You were naked!" I laughed.

Louis came down the stairs and grabbed some popcorn eating it quickly. "So... these three are drunk? And Haz' over here was naked in front of Alexia?" I shook my head throwing my hands in the air. "He was naked! Liam made him put clothes on before I even got down here!" I said almost bitterly. Louis nodded scooting Zayn over and sitting next to me. I cuddled into his side. Then my phone rang.

I looked at Liam and gave him my puppy face. "Please... it could be important." He sighed and nodded. "Hurry back it's getting to a good part." I nodded and ran to my phone. Grabbing it off Liam's nightstand was the hard part. He might seem like the neat one, but he's a pig, I say Niall's the only neat one! "Ello?" I answered it after tripping over a few piles of clothes and scattered movies and books. "Ello?" I said a little louder. Heavy breathing could be heard from the other side of the phone. "I'm coming, be careful." The voice was so low I barely heard it, but I dropped my phone hearing the beep. "Liam!" I screamed.

The boys ran into the room almost immediately. I ran straight into Liam's arms and hugged him tightly. Someone must've picked up my phone because I heard a small noise. "It's broke." I recognized the deep voice to be Harry's. "Why is your phone broke?" Liam pulled away slightly and looked me straight in the eyes. "I-I..." I couldn't say anything. Not here. Not now. "C'mon." Louis said and we all walked down to the living room again. That's when I told them everything..

"That has to explain why you're phone had so many messages during the middle of the night..." Liam practically whispered. No one else spoke. Louis rubbed my arms and I leaned on him slightly. He grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers. "We'll get more security." Zayn said out of nowhere. "What?.." I practically whimpered. "We can get more security. Liam, all we have to do is tell Simon we want some security for Alexia he'll-" "No." I spat. "I don't want any security.. maybe.. maybe this person will come after one... all... you." I looked at all of them. They exchanged glances. "We're getting the security." That was Liam's last word before getting out his phone and walking from the room.

I froze in Louis's arms and gulped back tears and cries for help. Everything was going wrong just when I thought things were getting better, great even. Now, I most likely have a stalker and someone who might want to hurt the boys. Tears fell down my cheeks and Louis whispered soothing things into my ear holding me so close to his chest that I could hear his heartbeat. "Everything will be fine.." He whispered. I nodded slowly and closed my eyes again. "What about the fair?" I looked up at Louis. "We'll still go.. I promise." Nodding I put my head back and closed my eyes again.

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